Saturday, April 7, 2012

Got Eggs?

Foiled eggs? Yes!

I used the Best Glue Ever to lightly coat a paper mache egg. I didn't put any base coat or sealer on the egg, I liked the natural look. Once the glue was dry and tacky I took a piece of foil and applied it in small sections quickly so that I wouldn't get any noticeable pattern.

And if your hands get sticky from the glue? Just spray a bit of the Best Cleaner Ever on your hands and rub. That's it! It quickly dissolves the glue.

When I had gone over the egg with foil several times, I brushed on some biscotti Perfect Pearl powder. The powder will stick to any leftover glue and is shimmery.

Or, if you are like me and have lots and lots of buttons lying around how about a buttoned egg?

I coated the egg with the Best Glue Ever (one half at a time) and then used Embellie Gellie to add the buttons. Once all the buttons were on I filled in the remaining spaces with a bit of pink glitter.

Now all I need is a big basket....

- Deborah


Susie Bentz said...

Cutest Easter eggs ever! I want to see the foiled egg in real life - I bet it is just stunning!

ScraPerfect said...

WOW! The goose really did lay the golden egg--or had help from Deborah.

(And the button egg looks like Old Mother Hubbard was busy too. Cute cute cute)

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Crazy for buttons - that egg is as cute as a ...well..a button.