Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to BLING Your Prom Dress: Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive!

Amy Here with Madison's Prom Dress Story:)

Following her final orthodontist appointment on Thursday, my daughter wanted to go shopping for a dress for Saturday night's dance... so we headed right over to the best place to find great stuff really cheap--our local Goodwill! Disheartened and frustrated, I found one that seemed like it just might look cuter on than it did on the hanger. Even more amazing than being half price at $4.00, was that it fit perfectly and looked beautiful!

The material was a silky midnight blue with "embossed" flowers that shined in the light. But after washing it on Saturday morning of the dance, she said, "I really like it, but... I'm wondering if we could add just a bit of sparkle to to it....”

We first experimented on the underside of the hem with silver glitter fabric paint; when it finally dried, she thought the dots had too much dimension, and we were worried they might not dry in time.

Next under the hem we tried tiny drops of the Best Glue Ever with silver Designer Transfer Foil. The glue dried in minutes and the little flecks of foil looked absolutely perfect! (In real life they look like bits of silver bling, though in the photos the flash made them look like little white dots.)

Completely satisfied with the result, we spread the dress out and put tiny dabs of glue in the center of every flower.

After only a couple of minutes, the white dots of glue became clear and “disappeared”. (When the Best Glue Ever dries, it becomes clear and even tackier than when it was wet.) It’s a good thing we knew the dots were in the center of the flowers or we might not have been able to find where to foil!

Then we pressed the foil to the tiny dots of clear sticky glue and lifted the foiling sheet. We flipped the dress over to do the back. Though hard to capture in a photo, the smooth silver foil transfer in the center of each embossed flower was just the perfect finishing touch. In about 15 minutes from start to finish, we were done!

 “Thanks Mom. You’re the best!” Maddie told me with a beautiful, braces-less smile.

NOTEWhile we love the Best Glue Ever for papercrafts, the fact that it is permanent and washable also makes it ideal for embellishing clothing--quick and beautiful!

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Robyn L. Coburn said...

She looks beautiful. A great idea for a special dress.