Friday, March 30, 2012

Fairy Magical Tri-Shutter Card

My all time favorite card to make is a tri-shutter card.  They are so easy and have a lot of “Wow!” factor.  Here is a “Fairy Magical” birthday card I made for one of my nieces:
And here is the card when it is open!
 Of course I used The Best Glue Ever as my adhesive.  I am always amazed out how tiny and precise a dot I can make…
…and it holds tight to those rhinestones…
…which I placed using Embellie Gellie!  I just let the glue spot sit for a minute and get really tacky, and when I touch the rhinestone to it, it just grabs it!
Checkout my blog for more details!   ~ Susie 


  1. Susie, that is so pretty! I'm very interested in the pattern too. Been thinking about pop up cards and shaped ones.

  2. Robyn,
    check my personal blog for a link to a tutorial:

    They are fun and easy cards to make!


  3. Great card...always wanted to try this. Maybe when I have some down time - need to try some new card techniques :) TFS!


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