Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Easy Bling

I created this layout in memory of my nephew Johnny Hoover.

See my blog for more details on the other elements

- Susie


Robyn L. Coburn said...

I'm so interested in how you set then lifted the bling on the glue dots.

Mom2Two said...

Robin-I'm going to guess here...Deborah would lightly touch the gem to the sticky dot so that it transfers. Then touch harder and the gem plus sticky dot lifts into the gel. Then touch to the pape and the sticky dot sticks to the paper. I'm pretty sure by varying the pressure, you'd be able to release and pick up. Deborah?

Susie Bentz said...

Yes - the gem would pick up the glue spot, then I would pick them both up again with the Embellie Gellie. It really was remarkably fast to place all those gems!

For some reason the link Deborah put up doesn't go my blog post, so here it is:

Mom2Two said...

OOPS! Sorry Susie. I didn't read carefully and thought it had been done by Deborah--I meant to direct the comment towards Susie:)