Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Cards

I made a few homemade cards for my family for Valentine's Day.

I stamped on two of the cards, using the Perfect Crafting Pouch to treat my surfaces before stamping. It made stamping on a roughly gessoed heart a piece of cake!

For my ribbon and embellishments I used the Best Glue Ever. It's my favorite glue for ribbons and fibers - once it's dry and tacky it not only holds beautifully but is invisible. It will never bleed through your ribbon.

For each card I started with paper from GCD Studios. I layered ribbon by first running a thin line of the Best Glue Ever along the card. Once it was dry I applied the dark pink ribbon. I put a small dot of the Best Glue Ever in the center of each flower of the light pink ribbon, then attached when the glue was tacky. The paper flower was also attached with the Best Glue Ever.

And for stamping, the Perfect Crafting Pouch makes it easy to get great results. I used it on both of these cards. The white heart was coated in gesso, roughly, to give it texture before stamping. The blue ribbon flowers were also adhered using the Best Glue Ever.

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