Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best STAMP Cleaner Ever!

Does your workspace have something that looks like this??

Or this?

I did. A huge pile of dirty stamps left over from teaching a Halloween class in early October and Tim Holtz's Christmas tags in December. Lots and lots of rubber stamps coated with black archival ink and/or black Staz-on. The three Christmas stamps above had a thick layer of Staz-on on each one from stamping close to 20 times each on glossy paper.

I like clean stamps. So I was very excited to try out the Best Cleaner Ever. It's designed to remove solvent inks, like archival and Staz-on. I grabbed every dirty and slightly dirty stamp I had. Here's the pile I started with. Then I spent about a half-hour cleaning.

I grabbed an extra Perfect Cleaning Cloth went to work. And boy was I impressed! You can see the right-hand stamp already cleaned. I gave each stamp one quick spray with the cleaner then wiped with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth.

You can see how beautifully it cleans the stamps. And here's my final pile with the now black Perfect Cleaning Cloth. And since the Best Cleaner Ever is made with food grade ingredients, there's nothing that will harm or dry out my rubber stamps!

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