Friday, November 11, 2011

Use Those Falling Leaves!

Here in the northeast we've got lots of beautiful fall leaves of all kinds, most of which seem to be scattered all over my lawn. But I don't rake all of them - I grab some of my favorites to use in art projects.

I'm sure you - or your children - have painted leaves before. I tried out a couple in one of my journals to see what kind of image I'd get. Use the back of the leaf - that's where all the veins will show the most.

Once I found a leaf that I liked, I grabbed a piece of patterned paper and the Best Glue Ever. I squirted some glue on the back of the leaf  and used my fingers to spread it around. Then I placed it onto my paper and rubbed with my fingers, taking care not to spread the glue outside the leaf. Then let it dry!

You can see the wet glue here:

Once the glue was dry and tacky, I foiled it using Clear Snap's Designer Foils. Here's what it looks like mid-foiling. As I had used the foil sheet a bit, I needed to keep moving it around and rub again.

Then, I took some Distress Stain and Distress inks to color in the leaf area.

Finally, I added it to my patterned paper card and stamped a sentiment on a scrap of the paper.  The foil adds such a cool element to this card - and since it was made with a real leaf it's got a wonderful natural quality. It's not perfect like a stamped image, but that's part of the fun.


Pearl Maple said...

That is the prettiest little leaf I have seen in a long time.

ScraPerfect said...

This is a super cool take on "Gold Leafing". Simply beautiful!