Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DIY Glue Dotz and your Tape Runner!

Because it means I have another roll of paper to make homemade sticky dots with!

With just a tiny bit of time and effort, I can save oodles of money making my own adhesive spots. You can, too! You need some release paper--which is actually available for free and the Best Glue Ever, from ScraPerfect.

Here I opened my tape runner getting ready to replace a new roll.

Unroll long strips and tape it them your table. (I used a small strip just for this photograph.)

Let the glue dry until it turns from white to clear. Although not wet, it will be very sticky!


 After they are dry, you can roll them up for easy storage. See? The dot is dry and clear … but very tacky!

Here are two dots that are stuck to an oval acrylic tile. These dots will stick to fabric, paper, metal, plastic, wood--just about anything!

Here I’m using Embellie Gellie to pick up and place a small blue acrylic Dew Drop from the Robin’s Nest onto the sticky dot. You can make the dots very flat or quite dimensional. You can make them tiny, or even long & thin. If you want dots bigger than the strip use release paper in sheets from stickers or address labels, for example. You can even make very huge dots!

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