Thursday, October 13, 2011

Using Paper Clay

I embarked on a project to make up some paper clay embellishments, which rather look like antiqued plaster.

I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch as a release from my texture plates and my old buttons.

On my first try, I rolled a layer of Crayola Air Dry Clay on to a Fiskars texture plate without Perfect Crafting Pouch. The rolled clay was tough to pull up, and it tore completely. There was a lot of clay residue left on the plate, which I had to wash off before continuing.

Then I pounced the Perfect Crafting Pouch on to the texture plate and was able to peel up the fairly thin clay pieces with ease, leaving almost none behind. I also found that my roller - a dense acrylic - worked much better when it was treated lightly with the pouch.

See, less residue!

I pressed some treated textured vintage buttons into the clay and made some antique looking medallions. I also pounced some rubber stamps with the Perfect Crafting Pouch to make some other impressions. Finally I rolled some die cut paper doily (treated with the pouch first) into the air dry clay to get another kind of delicate impression.

Some of my textured pieces crumbled later, when I painted them, but I'm afraid that is because I made the pieces too thin. I plan to use a higher end paper clay for my next air dry foray. But the thicker medallions work fine as embellishments attached with home made Best Glue Ever glue dots.

Finally I cleaned up the powder from my texture plates and my old buttons with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth.

- Robyn

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