Monday, October 10, 2011

Going Green

Do you have a bunch of plastic bags laying around? Well, why not use them instead of throwing them away?

You can use your iron to fuse plastic bags together and repurpose them. I decided to make tags. Green tags. Most of the items on the tag -- including the tag -- were made reusing material.

After I had fused, die cut, then sewed around my tags, I die cut shapes from paper shopping bags, mailing envelopes, cereal boxes, tissue boxes and book pages. Even the tulle was recycled (it came wrapped around an online order I received).

And everything was put together with the Best Glue Ever. I used a bit more than I normally would since these are going to be mailed. I let the glue dry until tacky, then added the embellishments to the tags. For the tulle, I placed a drop of glue in each flower's center and then added the bow once the glue was tacky.

 And on the back of each tag is a bit of stamping. On more plastic. I experimented a bit with several inks. You can see the difference of using the Perfect Crafting Pouch versus just Stazon by itself. The Stazon ink by itself smeared. The stamping treated with the Perfect Crafting Pouch didn't. And it turned out much better.

After stamping on the plastic, I cut them out and sewed around the edges before adhering them to the back of each tag with the Best Glue Ever. Again, I waited until the glue dried and was tacky before sticking the two together.

Here's a few of the finished tags:

Want more information on recycling plastic? Check out Tracie Lampe's  and her book, Upcycled Accessories.

- Deborah


Stacy said...

Ok hello....these tags are just way to cool!! LOVE that you made them with plastic bags, and love how well the ink holds :)

ScraPerfect said...

WHOA! That is SOOOO cool. Maybe we need a video of this!

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Oh my gosh, I love using recycled materials. These tags are wonderful. I love the stamping on the fused plastic. You've got me thinking.