Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Blog Candy

Welcome all!  Halloween is my absolute FAVORITE holiday!

The Robin's Nest is having a blog hop today - and we're sending you to the hop.

THERE IS LOTS OF BLOG CANDY!  Each blog will be giving away a $15 prize to shop at The Robin's Nest Store in addition to ONE GRAND PRIZE of a $50 Shopping Spree at the Robin's Nest Store! 

You can get information on Becky's layout, including supplies and instructions on her blog, as well as join in the hop.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Do You "Like" Us?

Time's running out for your chance to win a prize!

Just head over to our Facebook page, find our "Want to Win a Prize" post and tell us where you heard about this contest for ScraPerfect Products. We'd also like to hear questions or comments about our Magically Perfect Craft Products...Where's you first heard about them? What do you love about them? How you use them most?....

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Contest Details: Contest ends November 15, 2011. Winner will be drawn at random from Facebook posts. Paid shipping to the US, as well as Israel & Brazil where we have DT members.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Canvas

I had seen a cool pumpkin idea on the cover of a Better Homes & Gardens magazine. It came with a jpg of the clip art, so you could print it on vinyl or something. But I had a different idea.

I took some clear release paper from a sheet of Prima bling and placed it over my clip art. Then I grabbed the Best Glue Ever and started tracing. The drying time will vary, depending on how thick you lay the glue.

While the glue was drying, I grabbed a canvas panel. I started with a background of book paper - ripped pieces of book paper. I used a combination of paint, ink, stencils and stamps to make my background.

Once I was satisfied with the background (and it had dried!) I placed my glue over the canvas and rubbed.  I used my fingers for this, but a bone folder would work really well.

 Then, I applied a sheet of the Martha Stewart flocking paper to the glue. I liked the look so much I outlined a cobweb stamp on the bottom of the canvas and flocked it.

A few finishing touches and I've got a new Halloween decoration!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mixed Media

Cynthia has another wonderful mixed media layout for us today. She used the Best Glue Ever to adhere all her fiber and twine.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Mini Album

Well it's the month of pumpkin carving so how about another mini album to capture of the "ooey" gooeyness!!  (is that even a word??)  Well it sounded good anyway :)  So I created a mini album of some photos from our pumpkin carving time last year.

SO check out this fun it this!!  I careted a mini album, then used a pumpkin shape from Maya Road coaster to add to it.  All the little bling went on super easy using my Embellie Gellie!!

I was having a few issues with the big orange flower not staying down using glue yep you guessed it!!!!  I whipped out The Best Glue Ever, put a little on the back and let it sit for about 30 seconds before placing it down on my album.  It has not moved one bit since I stuck it sliding of any kind going on there!!!

Here is another fun little page from this mini.

Well ladies that is my project for today.  Simple and sweet, yet perfect for all of you Hallween pumpkin carving photos you will have from this month.

Thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Make your own Barcode Card for a new baby!

Wouldn't it be fun to create a barcode--say with the date of a new baby's arrival instead of the regular numbers? Announce the release of a cute new "product"with the barcode below the baby's photo. (Just realize it won't actually work unless you are a member of GS-1 and pay your annual dues.)

Here's the link to create up to six free barcodes:

So what else can you use the barcode for? Share your ideas...or better yet, submit your project!  

Friday, October 21, 2011

Is it a Doily or Stamp & Embossed?

I was so excited when I purchased this stamp image! It has so many details that I love plus it was a great doily design! To highlight its image, I had the perfect embossing powder. To make sure that I won’t be disappointed with the results, I turned to my fail proof and “go to” tools, the Perfect Crafting Pouch and the Embellie Gellie! What do you think? Love how it turned out!

Using the Crafting Pouch, I first rubbed in area on my cardstock where I wanted to stamp. By doing so it stops the static cling for embossing powders.  (see Stop Static Cling video) Then I rubbed on the computer paper so that the residue will fall easily back into the pot. Notice the embossed area? No problem, the powder did not stick as shown in the finished card. So easy and hassle-free! The finishing touch was placing the pink pearl in the middle using the Embellie Gellie. Done!

Next time you emboss, don’t forget to use that pouch on the computer paper! And speaking of not forgetting, did you enter  ScraPerfect’s FaceBook Contest? The deadline is next month (November 15th) but enter today! Good luck!

--- Margie

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flower Soft Embellishments

This layout is one of my favorites. I love the photo of my kids sleeping,
and I love the little sheep embellishment I made.

I made this sheep because I wanted to put one in my LO, but I just didn't have a sheep sticker or
readymade embellishment. I cut the sheep from paper and then I covered it with flower soft. To make sure that the coverage will be just as I want it with no holes, empty spots or sticking parts, I first used my Perfect Crafting Pouch to remove the static. Then I covered the paper with The Best Glue Ever and sprinkled the flower soft. The flower soft adhered to the paper perfectly, it dried up really fast and I didn't have any leftovers falling off. Then I added a little more flower soft on the sheep's head and
added it to the LO.

Don't you think it's cute?

- Einat

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Multi-Textured Layout with lots of DIY "stuff"!

I used a glossy card stock for the background, I have quite a few colors in my secret stash, and printing on them would be impossible if not for the Perfect Crafting Pouch. I'm also a huge fan of texture, fabric leaves and flowers and GLITTER! This layout has it all. I'm so happy that The Best Glue Ever! stays tacky after it dries, it's PERFECT (no pun intended) for applying fabric flowers, leaves and ribbon. It won't soak through the item and you don't have brads going through your layout that get caught up when trying to slip them into the album.

Use the Perfect Cleaning cloth to clear up any tacky areas that you don't want tacky and to eliminate static electricity when using glitter.

First, I created a word processing document with a photo block and flourishes and applied the Perfect Crafting Pouch to the glossy card stock before printing the document.

**If you can adjust how much ink to use on your printer, lessen the ink output. When it's done printing, dump the embossing powder over the wet ink and heat emboss. Let cool completely.

Apply the Perfect Crafting Pouch again over the embossed areas then add detailing w/ The Best Glue Ever! and apply the red glitter, dump excess and let dry completely before cleaning the layout with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth. Adhere photo in place, slip the paint chip behind the upper left corner of the photo. While you are waiting for the glittered glue to dry, you can apply some squiggles of glue below the photo at this time, so it will also be dry at the same time and you can place your leaves.

Cut the large BTS letters, the name is printed on transparency film, the dates are stickers.
Assemble the title block. Use a small amount of glue behind the letters on transparency, then sew lines with red thread horizontally to secure edges.

Thank you for stopping by the blog, I hope you enjoyed this project.

Hop on over to the project on my blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a Perfect Crafting Pouch!

Scrap On!

The Perfect Crafting Pouch, The Best Glue Ever!, The Perfect Cleaning Cloth (ScraPerfect); Autumn Stripes glossy card stock (Murdock Country Creations); Gold embossing powder; red fine art glitter; fabric fall leaves; Baer paint chip; Dark Distressed Red card stock, gold glitter alphabet (The Robin's Nest); Transparency film; Sewing Machine w/ Red thread; Plantin Schoolbook Cricut Cartridge (cut at 2 3/4" Bold)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mini Album

Hello everyone, Stacy here today sharing a mini album cover with you.

I created this mini album for a special friend who lost her grandmother. I wanted her to have something to keep al of her special photos of her and her grandmother in. The album itself is from Maya Road. I of course used the Best Glue Ever to adhere the paper to the pages. Once that was done I inked all the edges. I know I've said it before but The Best Glue Ever totally rocks!!! I use it on so many bottles are almost empty :( If you have not tried it, you MUST!!!! Here is the cover of my mini album.

As you can see on the cover there are lots of little embellies. I was wondering how the glue would hold the Teresa Collins frame. If you have never used one of her frames, they are pretty heavy.....and I can tell you the glue worked like a champ!!! I held the button up with my Embellie Gellie while placing some glue on the back of it, and then simply placed it where I wanted without any hassle.

How about my little cluster of embellies!!!

Once again I used the glue to adhere my rosette die together, then to place it on the cover of the book. I used one of the brads through a piece of Maya Road flower ribbon and yes the glue works well on fabric also!!!

So like I said before....grab your glue today and give it a shot!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by today,

Friday, October 14, 2011

All Occasion Cards

There is nothing like looking at life through a child’s eyes.  Inkadinkado has a couple of sets of Kid’s Quotes Stamps that I love called Friendly Advice and Tell It Like It Is.  They make great cards!

  I  used one of these stamps to create this card:

 I used my Perfect Crafting Pouch on the cardstock before I stamped and heat embossed the sentiment.  Even the tiny lettering on this stamp came out crisp and clean!  Then I stamped and heat embossed the image in blue - great Jenni Bowlin stamp called Whimsy Silhouette.

Do you love that colorful background?  It was the easiest part!  I used the new Tim Holtz Distress Stains from Ranger and applied them directly to the cardstock.  The embossed images resisted the stain and I ended up with a great card to send to a friend!

- Susie

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Using Paper Clay

I embarked on a project to make up some paper clay embellishments, which rather look like antiqued plaster.

I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch as a release from my texture plates and my old buttons.

On my first try, I rolled a layer of Crayola Air Dry Clay on to a Fiskars texture plate without Perfect Crafting Pouch. The rolled clay was tough to pull up, and it tore completely. There was a lot of clay residue left on the plate, which I had to wash off before continuing.

Then I pounced the Perfect Crafting Pouch on to the texture plate and was able to peel up the fairly thin clay pieces with ease, leaving almost none behind. I also found that my roller - a dense acrylic - worked much better when it was treated lightly with the pouch.

See, less residue!

I pressed some treated textured vintage buttons into the clay and made some antique looking medallions. I also pounced some rubber stamps with the Perfect Crafting Pouch to make some other impressions. Finally I rolled some die cut paper doily (treated with the pouch first) into the air dry clay to get another kind of delicate impression.

Some of my textured pieces crumbled later, when I painted them, but I'm afraid that is because I made the pieces too thin. I plan to use a higher end paper clay for my next air dry foray. But the thicker medallions work fine as embellishments attached with home made Best Glue Ever glue dots.

Finally I cleaned up the powder from my texture plates and my old buttons with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth.

- Robyn

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Using Fabric in Your Layouts

 First I use gauze for made my texture ....

and than  I use jute fabric for my second layer..and the Best glue Ever help me to glue all the fabric with the paper...

..  I use  Distress Ink in all embellishments from cherry nest and I use a flower rose fabric for make a nice my page...

- Cynthia

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DIY Glue Dotz and your Tape Runner!

Because it means I have another roll of paper to make homemade sticky dots with!

With just a tiny bit of time and effort, I can save oodles of money making my own adhesive spots. You can, too! You need some release paper--which is actually available for free and the Best Glue Ever, from ScraPerfect.

Here I opened my tape runner getting ready to replace a new roll.

Unroll long strips and tape it them your table. (I used a small strip just for this photograph.)

Let the glue dry until it turns from white to clear. Although not wet, it will be very sticky!


 After they are dry, you can roll them up for easy storage. See? The dot is dry and clear … but very tacky!

Here are two dots that are stuck to an oval acrylic tile. These dots will stick to fabric, paper, metal, plastic, wood--just about anything!

Here I’m using Embellie Gellie to pick up and place a small blue acrylic Dew Drop from the Robin’s Nest onto the sticky dot. You can make the dots very flat or quite dimensional. You can make them tiny, or even long & thin. If you want dots bigger than the strip use release paper in sheets from stickers or address labels, for example. You can even make very huge dots!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Going Green

Do you have a bunch of plastic bags laying around? Well, why not use them instead of throwing them away?

You can use your iron to fuse plastic bags together and repurpose them. I decided to make tags. Green tags. Most of the items on the tag -- including the tag -- were made reusing material.

After I had fused, die cut, then sewed around my tags, I die cut shapes from paper shopping bags, mailing envelopes, cereal boxes, tissue boxes and book pages. Even the tulle was recycled (it came wrapped around an online order I received).

And everything was put together with the Best Glue Ever. I used a bit more than I normally would since these are going to be mailed. I let the glue dry until tacky, then added the embellishments to the tags. For the tulle, I placed a drop of glue in each flower's center and then added the bow once the glue was tacky.

 And on the back of each tag is a bit of stamping. On more plastic. I experimented a bit with several inks. You can see the difference of using the Perfect Crafting Pouch versus just Stazon by itself. The Stazon ink by itself smeared. The stamping treated with the Perfect Crafting Pouch didn't. And it turned out much better.

After stamping on the plastic, I cut them out and sewed around the edges before adhering them to the back of each tag with the Best Glue Ever. Again, I waited until the glue dried and was tacky before sticking the two together.

Here's a few of the finished tags:

Want more information on recycling plastic? Check out Tracie Lampe's  and her book, Upcycled Accessories.

- Deborah

Friday, October 7, 2011

Lucky Fishing Layout

Here is another of my favorite photos- this time of my older son and husband experiencing a bit of luck  while fishing.

Sometimes I find it hard to find appropriate “masculine” embellishments and so I decided to make one.  I swiped a cork sheet with the Perfect Crafting Pouch and stamped using Stazon ink.  

Result:  Perfect impression!  

I cut the image with my Spellbinders Nestability Labels 2, and inked the edges of the cork.  Using my Nestabilities it was easy to cut and emboss a black mat for the stamped image and it really made it stand out!

The papers are from Graphic 45 and the bingo card is from Jenni Bowlin.  The metal embellishment and the stamped expression inside of it are from Tim Holtz.  My favorite embellishment, though, is the stamped fish on the bottom right! For more on using the Perfect Crafting Pouch with stamping, check out one of the very cool ScraPerfect videos on Youtube. Subscribe while you're there so you'll be notified of the latest postings! CLICK HERE to watch the video about stamping on twill tape. - Susie

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to Make Polymer Clay Letter Tiles and Embellishments: Easy and Inexpensive! (Video)

Amy Here with a GREAT idea for making easy custom embellishments from air-drying polymer clay. This would be great for titles or cards.

Watch the video or read step by step instructions (below)

1. Roll out clay medium.  I used Makins' Clay.  It's air dry so there's no oven needed. Other polymer clays will work fine but follow baking directions on label. I used a cutting mat for easy sizing of tiles. I used a pretty pink one from Westcott. I should have dusted the mat and the rolling pin with the   PERFECT CRAFTING POUCH! The clay would not have sticked to the roller and lifting the tiles would have been easier, too.

2. Use the PERFECT CRAFTING POUCH as a release agent so the stamp won't stick to the clay. I dusted the entire surface because I thought it would be easier. Other times, I dust the stamp directly and not the clay surface.

3. I pressed into the clay with a rubber stamp. The stamp made a perfectly crisp impression and did not stick at all! I wished I’d used the pouch on the mat and tools because there was some sticking. Lesson learned!

4. After the tiles were dry, I colored the back side and the edges with a marker. I'm sure any marker would have worked, but I had this Copic handy. I did dust the back of the tile with the pouch to stop any bleeding --just in case the marker would bleed.

5. I put a little BEST GLUE EVER onto the back of the tile and adhered it to the page. The BEST GLUE EVER is wonderful because it grabs instantly to all kinds of materials like this polymer clay and the paper with no sliding of the tiles!

 6.  The dollar bill was scanned and printed on an inkjet printer.

7. I adhered the real keys as embellishments by applying the glue to the keys and letting it dry. The   BEST GLUE EVER dries even tackier and the embellishment instantly adheres. I did this because the keys were so heavy and I didn't want to risk them sliding on the paper while the glue dried.

Note: This was the first time I asked my husband to write the journaling, but because the car was his, I thought it would be fitting. It was so cool to read his reflections on his "car history".

- Amy