Monday, September 19, 2011

We Love Comments!

 We really loved this email from Cindy, who wrote:

Just felt like writing to say that I'm so glad you have been uploading
more videos. Three times this week! I really love watching your
videos. Many crafters make informative videos but they drone on and on
and drives me crazy - it always seems as if they haven't actually
thought in advance about what they are going to say. Your videos are
nice and long (which I enjoy) but they are full of tips, ideas and
good info. I have sent the link to your videos to other "crafty" friends and I will tell you that people are definitely impressed with your products!  My husband does repair on composite softball bats in his spare time and I have been finding my "best glue ever" in the garage where he works!  It's probably time to get him his own bottle ;) Thanks!

Thanks Cindy!

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And here's a couple of our favorites:

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