Friday, September 2, 2011

How to use Chocolate in a Quick and Easy Thank You Gift

Here's a cute and easy idea for thanking teachers, hairdressers, letter carriers...or anyone else you'd like to make feel appreciated.

Start with Nestles 100 Grand candy bars. Our Grocery Outlet sells them for even less than the warehouse club store.

Just create and print out message using a cute font. Copy and paste as many times as needed. If printing on vellum, make sure to pretreat the paper with The Perfect Crafting Pouch. It even makes printing on cardstock darker and crisper!

We think you are GRAND for _____!
Thank you for making _____ Grand!
Hope your birthday is Grand!
Here's to a GRAND school year!

You get the idea!

We used our Homemade Sticky Spots made from the Best Glue Ever. They are very economical to make!

Apply one sticky dot at each end of the message.

And stick to the candy bar.

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