Thursday, September 15, 2011

Craft Test Dummies - Best Glue Ever with Fabric

Check out the results of Craft Test Dummies' "throwdown" when Jenny puts ScraPerfect's BEST GLUE EVER up against Transfer Adhesive (part of the Martha Stewart Paints line by Plaid) and Renaissance Foil Adhesive (by Delta Creative) for use directly on fabrics.

She uses a stamp and a stencil with sheet flocking, glitter sheets, and foils on fabric before machine washing. She wrote, "When it comes to the glitter sheets (made by Martha Stewart), the hands- down winner is the Best Glue Ever."

Check out each trial--but her results confirmed that with ScraPerfect’s BEST GLUE EVER as your “go-to” glue, you only have to buy specialty adhesives if you want to. That’s a money, time and stress saver!

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