Friday, September 30, 2011

Adhering Transparent Elements

Transparent elements can be hard to adhere to projects. Where do you hide the adhesive so that it doesn't show through?

If you have the Best Glue Ever, you don't have to worry about that. It dries clear and you need only tiny amounts of the glue - so you'll never see it!

I had a Maya Road sheer doily I wanted to add to my layout. I used small drops of the Best Glue Ever all around the doily. I let the glue dry for about half a minute before placing the doily on my project. If I wanted, I could have spread the glue with my fingers over the back.

And when it's dry, you can't see it! Magic? No - it's just really the Best Glue Ever!

- Deborah

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Wands!

 I made these fun wands for two purposes - to be decorations for my daughter's birthday party in October, and to show the kind of thing we can make at the Magic Wand Funshop I'm hosting at the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference in San Diego.

In the past I've used hot glue, but this time I used my home made Best Ever Glue dots to hold the ribbon to the dowel. I just grabbed a dot from the release paper with the ribbon every three or four inches as I wound and the ribbon adhered instantly and perfectly - and no burnt fingertips. 

I was very pleased to be able to use tiny dabs of the Best Glue Ever to adhere my cut out embellishments (thank you Cricut) and rhinestones to the images...

 ... and of course I used the Embellie Gellie to place the small pieces so easily.

I also used Best Glue Ever dots to adhere rhinestones to the ends of some ribbons.

And here's a close-up of one of the wands:

- Robyn

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jewish New Year

At the end of September we celebrate the Jewish New Year. Here is a happy new year card I made.

I made the flowers from an eye shaped piece of paper which I curled and adhered at the bottom. I created the stamen from a piece of wire. I used the Best Glue Ever to attach the yellow flower soft to the wire. The strong glue made sure it was attached properly and that it stayed on the wire!

I also used the Beast Glue Ever to adhere the ribbon to the card. finally I used the Embellie Gellie to attach all the small rhinestones to the card.

- Einat

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apple Picking Layout

This photo of my son has to be one of my all-time favorites of him and I have waited a long time to take it out of the picture frame and put it onto a scrapbook page. 

I used to be very nervous about stamping.  On a regular basis my efforts were blurred and messy and I was sure stamping was a skill I was never going to master, so there would have been no way I would have even tried to stamp on this picture.  Then I discovered the Perfect Crafting Pouch, and I realized that with the right tools, I was going to be stamping like a pro!

I treated the photo, background paper and the edge of the green mat with my Perfect Crafting Pouch and inked up the huge tree stamp with Stazon ink.  Once the initial impression was there, I pulled out a brown ink pen and added some details to several of the leaves. 

Since I planned to use stickers for the title and I didn’t want to de-activate the adhesive on the back of the letters, I carefully swiped away the powder residue with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth.  I drew some very light pencil lines (which I later erased) to help with the placement of the letters.  I like to “mix it up” when it comes to titling, so I chose to stamp the word “with”.  The green cardstock had a little texture but I wasn’t worried about getting a good image, even with the tiny stamps I was using, because I prepped the area with the Perfect Crafting Pouch.  Ta-dah! That image is as crisp as the apples my son ate that day!

The journaling on this layout is a yard sale find. The words are actually little magnets that came from a poetry set meant to be used on a refrigerator.  I sifted through and found the words that worked for me and adhered them (and the chipboard apple) with the Best Glue Ever.

I don’t know if it is just the picture, but this is one of my favorite layouts in a long time.

- Susie

Friday, September 23, 2011

Charmed I’m Sure!

I had these acrylic tags for so long that I decided to pull them out and use them! Using the Best Glue Ever, I covered the tags with TaDa Creative Studios’ Sizzlin’ Summer Collection and its stamp set.

First I squeezed a couple of drop of the Best Glue Ever and swirled the tag around until I had full coverage. Then let it dry. When it dries, you know that it’s good to go. See! Clear as water!

After drying, I trimmed around the tag and it becomes my background. Now to stamp, glitter and add my embellishments.

Using my Embellie Gellie, I was able to place all my gems and pearls. Notice the umbrella? That used to be a brad. I took off its fastener in the back and used the Best Glue Ever to adhere it in place. I love this glue!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lots of Embellishments - No Problem!

You don't have to worry about adding lots of embellishments - the Best Glue Ever can handle them all! Cynthia made this absolutely beautiful card using lots of flowers, fiber and tags. She used the Best Glue Ever to hold everything in place.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Make Homemade Adhesive Rub Ons for Transfers Foil (video)

Hi All- Amy Here to tell you that after Craft Test Dummies Tester Jenny Rohr put ScraPerfect's BEST GLUE EVER head to head against the Martha Stewart by Plaid Transfer Adhesive and Delta Creative Renaissance Foil Adhesive,  Sue K. posted a question on Jenny's blog asking if the adhesives would work when stamping onto tulle.

Always willing to experiment, I discovered a very cool technique! It is simple to make a very elegant, delicate foil transfer using the Best Glue Ever (some tulle which isn't actually necessary), and a piece of release paper. These stamped transfers work on a whole range of surfaces upon which it may difficult to get a good stamped image. Then you can foil them!

Check out this video tutorial or see the Step-by-Step instructions (below)

  • ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever
  • a scrap of tulle (OPTIONAL)
  • a stamp -- I used a foam stamp with a fairy solid image
  • recycled release paper -- I used the leftover backing from a USPS shipping label after I sent off an order to Australia.

STEP 1. Lay the tulle over the release paper. You could tape it to the table but I didn't bother. The tulle makes the image more lace-like but this is not necessary--especially if your stamp is more detailed.

STEP  2. Apply a little BEST GLUE EVER to the stamp and spread it very thinly. I used my finger to spread the glue, but you could use a foam brush. Stamp onto the release paper through the tulle. (It's hard to see the image, but if you look very hard in the green circles, you might make it out!)

NOTE 1: I stamped directly onto purple paper just so you could see how the glue stamped image would look...

STEP 3. If using tulle, remove it and let glue dry to clear. This will take a minute or less! Apply foil to the transfer paper. The glue image will lift to the back of the foil.


STEP 4: Rub foil onto your project.


This would be great for round things that are hard to stamp on…Like a glass ball ornament or even a piece of PVC pipe. The possibilities are endless. If you use this technique, please credit us and we'd love to see what you've done.


- Amy

Monday, September 19, 2011

We Love Comments!

 We really loved this email from Cindy, who wrote:

Just felt like writing to say that I'm so glad you have been uploading
more videos. Three times this week! I really love watching your
videos. Many crafters make informative videos but they drone on and on
and drives me crazy - it always seems as if they haven't actually
thought in advance about what they are going to say. Your videos are
nice and long (which I enjoy) but they are full of tips, ideas and
good info. I have sent the link to your videos to other "crafty" friends and I will tell you that people are definitely impressed with your products!  My husband does repair on composite softball bats in his spare time and I have been finding my "best glue ever" in the garage where he works!  It's probably time to get him his own bottle ;) Thanks!

Thanks Cindy!

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And here's a couple of our favorites:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Craft Test Dummies - Best Glue Ever with Fabric

Check out the results of Craft Test Dummies' "throwdown" when Jenny puts ScraPerfect's BEST GLUE EVER up against Transfer Adhesive (part of the Martha Stewart Paints line by Plaid) and Renaissance Foil Adhesive (by Delta Creative) for use directly on fabrics.

She uses a stamp and a stencil with sheet flocking, glitter sheets, and foils on fabric before machine washing. She wrote, "When it comes to the glitter sheets (made by Martha Stewart), the hands- down winner is the Best Glue Ever."

Check out each trial--but her results confirmed that with ScraPerfect’s BEST GLUE EVER as your “go-to” glue, you only have to buy specialty adhesives if you want to. That’s a money, time and stress saver!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Floral Card

This is a card for the Jewish New Year (celebrated at the end of September) with a happy flowery feeling. I used a stamp to create all the leaves.

The Perfect Crafting Pouch is just perfect for stamping and embossing because it's an antistatic. The cardstock I used was light green and I wanted to make sure the ink will not bleed and the embossing will not make a mess. First I tapped the pouch a bit to make sure the powder inside is exposed. Then I rubbed it on the area I wanted to stamp on. Then I inked up the leave image on the paper. Poured the embossing powder over the image and shake off the excess. Finally I heat it with my heat gun. After the leaves were ready I cut them and attached to the flowers.

- Einat

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Make Zipper Roses with Homemade Glue Dots (Video)

Zipper roses? A snap with the Best Glue Ever!

 It's easy to make custom glue spots - just swirl a bit of the Best Glue Ever onto an old sticker sheet, label backing or your nonstick craft sheet. Using your finger, you can smooth out the circle to make it as big as you need it. It even works for vellum - and it doesn't show through!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Card (die cut, pearl embellies and more!)

I created a card with TaDa Creative Studios’ BFF Collection. I used their patterned paper, 6 x 6” die cut and their brand new stickers. With the help of ScraPerfect’s the Best Glue Ever and the Embellie Gellie, this card was a quick and easy project.

After creating the card base out of patterned paper, I used the Best Glue Ever to adhere the die cut in the middle, making sure that the BFF was peeking through the center opening. Then I placed the “Lovin’ Life” sticker on the lower right corner.

Using the Embellie Gellie, I picked up pearls to be placed on the die cut. Since these are adhesive pearls, I used the pointed end of the Embellie Gellie to loosen the pearl from liner.

I love how I can decide on the position of the pearl before actually putting it down. This tool is great to use on any items such as chipboard stickers or bling too.

And if you find yourself not liking the position of your embellishment, you can do what I did. Use the pointed end of the tool to slide the pearl over slightly for that perfect placement! Just love this tool!
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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Challenge!

TGIF!!!!!  Today we have something so fun to share with you.  We are sponsoring this weeks challenge over at CAS-ual Fridays.  So what is CAS you ask???? Clean And Simple, uncluttered, lots of open space, one clear focal point.

Every week they have a different theme for the challenge.  This week the challenge is Falling to guessed it, paper pieceing.

This week our very own Stacy Rodriguez is the Guest Designer.  Here is her take on this challenge.

Stacy used the ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever on this card to create homemade glue/pop dots to add a little "pop" to her heart.

Now how about the fun part where we come in....what is the FABULOUS prize for this weeks challenge????  How about one of EVERYTHING.....yes EVERYTHING here at ScraPerfect.  You will get a bottle of The Best Glue Ever, Embellie Gellie, Perfect Crafting Pouch and the Perfect Cleaning Cloth.

We want to thank the CAS-ual Fridays girls for letting us sponsor this weeks challenge.  Make sure you hop on over to the CAS blog and check out all of the fabulous inspiration from their design team.  While you are there don't forget to upload the link to your take on this super fun challenge.

~ScraPerfect Team

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Altered Domino

I had a partial set of dominoes lying around so I decided to try a craft I had seen while blog hopping – altering dominoes.

I started by applying some Ranger Alcohol Inks to the surface and the sides. I treated the surface with my Perfect Crafting Pouch and used Stazon black ink to stamp a sentiment in the lower right, and then I swiped the surface with my Perfect Cleaning Cloth to remove any residue.

A friend had gifted me a lovely butterfly charm, so I snipped off the loop and used my Embellie Gellie and The Best Glue Ever to add some rhinestone *bling* to create the body.

In my stash, I found some tiny butterfly-shaped rhinestones that I used to decorate the wings.  They actually came with adhesive but I removed it and used The Best Glue Ever to attach them.

I applied a couple of coats of Mod Podge to the domino.  After it was dry I adhered the charm and voila – my first altered domino!

I have not yet decided what I am going to do with it.  I have seen them used as jewelry, magnets and Keychain fobs.  I am leaning toward creating a framed art collage using several dominoes.  That way I can try out different techniques – so be sure to check back for more ideas!

- Susie

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well Hello card

I had a lot of scraps from a project and I hated to throw them away – it was from a new collection! LOL!! Then I came across a paper challenge which was to roll paper. Well, I could do that and this is what I came up with…

With just bits of papers from TaDa Creative Studios’ Frozen Tozen Collection, I think it turned out cool! I took various sized strips between 1 x 1½” to 1½ x 2¼” and rolled them tightly. Then I took each roll and added a very thin line of liquid adhesive (I used ScraPerfect’s The Best Glue Ever) to seal.

After they dried, I arranged them the way I wanted them on the card front. With a 4 x 4” white cardstock and a fine point black marker, I drew a lined border around its inner edges. Next I stamped the sentiment on the upper right corner in black ink.

Using ScraPerfect’s the Embellie Gellie tool, I applied glue on the seam side and place it on the card front to create a center border. I double matted the finished card front panel and placed it on a 6 x 6” card base to finish.

Hope this project gives you inspiration to make a new kind of embellishment with these rolled papers…it doesn’t take too much time either.

Thanks for stopping in!

Supplies Used:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School Time!

It's the first day after Labor Day, and for a lot of us it's the first day of school. So I thought I'd make a card to celebrate.

I used papers from Graphic 45 to make the card, with a layer of dictionary paper. Once the base was made, I dusted the paper with the Perfect Crafting Pouch and stamped Hero Art's Musical Waltz in black ink.

I had a bit of vellum paper left over from another project so I grabbed the Perfect Crafting Pouch, a Studio Calico stamp and some Adirondack Ink. Once the ink was dry I used a bit of the Best Glue Ever to attach the vellum to the card, as well as the embellishments.

Supplies Used: