Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I used a stamp from Riley and Company for this card. I embossed this image because I wanted to try out the Perfect Crafting Pouch.

The Perfect Crafting Pouch is great to deactivate stickers and is also antistatic, which is perfect for embossing. Since the cardstock I was using is white and embossing in black, I really didn’t want any mess.

Here are a few snapshots of the process:

First you tap the pouch a bit to make sure the powder inside is exposed. Then you rub it on the area you are planning to stamp on:


Ink up your image with Versamark ink. You can sort of see a watermark image below:


Poor the embossing powder over the image and shake off the excess. As you can see the powder just stayed on the ink and not on other parts of the cardstock.


I had a little collecting tray made out of paper. This was to collect to unused embossing powder. As you can see there were specks of powder on the tray. So I used the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to clean up the mess. It’s great to pick up little things like embossing powder and especially glitter, because you know that gets on everything.


I cleaned it up and the tray is clean, and you can see that the cloth picked up the embossing powder and some other little pieces of paper.


Also to make my life easier, I use Embellie Gellie, not only to pick up tiny bling, but also to pick up other small items, like these baubles or buttons. I also used the Best Glue Ever for adhering the baubles onto the image.

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