Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vellum Accents

I recently saw some projects in a craft magazine with stamped white flowers on vellum and I thought it looked very cool.

But I was never confident about using vellum - it smears, it's hard to stamp on..... unless you have the Perfect Crafting Pouch.

Armed with my pouch, I decided to give vellum another try. I dusted the paper with the pouch and used Stampin' Up pigment ink with a Hero Arts stamp. And I got crisp images with no smearing. It worked so well I made a whole sheet of flowers!

I lightly tapped the pouch over my stamped images to dry the ink - yes, the pouch will dry pigment ink - then cut them out. I lightly wiped them with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to remove any leftover powder. I took one flower and cut into a few of the petals, then lightly crumpled the flower to give it dimension.

And adhering it was a breeze with the Best Glue Ever. I made four very small dots on my project, let them dry and attached the flower. The best part? You can't see the glue through the flower. Really. Check it out:

You can see how small my dots are. The Best Glue Ever is so effective you only need a tiny amount.

And a close-up of the flower. You can't see the glue. Perfect!

Don't be afraid of using vellum - you can get fantastic results when you use ScraPerfect products!

- Deborah


ScraPerfect said...

Often past bad experiences keep us from trying things again. Vellum is so lovely--but we all know how frustrating vellum can be. The Perfect Crafting Pouch eliminates ALL those issues of smearing, slow drying, and resisting. Good for you, Deborah for trying it anew!

PS...I LOVE the flower!!!

Cynthia Lloréns said...

This is perfect..I always have trouble with the vellum...this is a great tip.
Thanks again for that !!
Kisses and huges from Brazil