Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick Tip - Fixing Stickers

I really love these cardstock stickers from Lily Bee Designs. Eight colors, lots and lots of letters on a 12x12 sheet - what's not to love?

Except when this happens.....

As I was pulling the stickers off the page, I had a couple where the cardstock had become unattached to the sticky backing. Throw them away? Well, you could if you have a lot of extra letters. But why not just fix it?

The Best Glue Ever comes out in such a fine point that it can easily fix these tiny letters - and you'll never see the glue!

Here's what I did. I've got another letter, i, that's falling off the sticky back. I can use the Best Glue Ever to place very tiny dots of glue along the letter (click the photo to enlarge it).

And voila! Good as new.

And, as you can see - I needed all the letters. You can't even tell that I had to fix some of them!

1 comment:

Stacy said...

I love this page, that pic is wonderful :):) You know I love my letter stickers and would not have thought to keep them now and not throw them away. Thanks so much for this tip :):)