Monday, June 6, 2011

Back with Deborah Mahnken

Tell us about yourself.
I started scrapbooking in 2005 when I realized that the baby books just weren’t going to hold everything. I live in Virginia with my wonderful husband of almost 15 years, our two children, and as of last week a guina pig. I take lots of photos. I can’t live without my iPhone & my Nikon. Most of my photos are centered around my kids — honestly, they’re more fun! Outside of scrapping I spend a lot of time volunteering at their schools and with both Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts. I’m a closet architect/interior designer and I could spend all day watching HGTV. My husband rolls his eyes everytime I start a sentence with, “you know what I was thinking we could do….” I’m crazy for cowboy cookies, Twilight, the Outlander series novels and coconut sticky rice with mangoes.

What’s your style? What do you like to create and what’s your favorite item to use?
I really like clean, graphic designs – but I’m not a simple scrapper. I like to use different patterns and layers with paper and fun embellishements. Recently I’ve been getting more & more 3-D with my projects, and my friends just laugh at me when I say “but I’m really not a big flower person!” I also am getting more into mixed media and art journaling and love to use stamps and stencils.

What’s your favorite snack while creating?
If I eating anything, salt-free pretzels and water. That way my hands don’t get messy, but I can be quite clumsy so I try to keep my drinks far away from my projects!

If you could visit one place, where would you go?
Scotland – hands-down. I devoured Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series recently and now I’m dying to visit Scotland. And, of course, to walk through some standing stones! Oh, Jamie……

Favorite guilty pasttime?
Facebook and Twitter, for sure. I hardly tweet – I joined to really follow a few people. You start by simply checking what’s new and before you know it a couple of hours have gone by! And then you realize you have to get going and you still haven’t posted any updates yourself….

You can find out more about Deborah by visiting her blog Life Outside the Fishbowl.

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