Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meet Margie Higuchi

Tell us about yourself.
I have been an acid-free paper crafter for over 14 years. Back in the late-70s, I had collected pictures and keepsakes in an album which started it all! A scrapbooker at the beginning, my hobby spilled over to altered art and card making. I love how my supplies can expand to so many different crafts. Although I won’t say if I had saved money in doing so (wink).

My passion for paper crafting is shared through my teaching/demoing at local scrapbook stores, my writing through online and print magazines, and my artwork through design team responsibilities. In addition, I have taught scrapbooking in Japanese to the Japanese community where I lived in NJ/NY and in IL. It is so easy to “market” a hobby that you love (or do I dare say an addiction? LOL!) – it’s not a job, it’s play!

Married to Hosho for 19 years and together we have two teenage boys. We live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago (Schaumburg), IL for 4 years. I love to travel, read my Kindle and eat!

What’s your style? What do you like to create and what’s your favorite item to use?
My style is simple – depends on the mood and the inspiration I see in a project. I like to create cards for today..ask me tomorrow and it might be layouts or altered art or…it’s endless. Favorite items to use would be flowers! As mom of boys, I can appreciate any time I can add that element to a project! LOL! I love to make them with my Spellbinders die templates – you can use whatever color or pattern paper to match your project. Or go further and create them with fabric or felt or old text…love the versatility of creating your own flowers! Although I do use those wonderful pre-made ones too!

What’s your favorite snack while creating?
I don’t really snack while creating…I’m not that coordinated! Besides I already create a mess without food! LOL!!

If you could visit one place, where would you go?
One place? Could it be a continent? LOL! I would pick Europe…never been and is on my “bucket” list. There are so many different languages/cultures in one region and its history is amazing. How much inspiration can one take from there?! I have been fortunate to visit a majority of Asia through business and pleasure. But Europe is definitely a place I’d like to go! Are you reading this, Hosho?! Heehee!

Favorite guilty pasttime?
Hmm…watching my favorite TV programs on the On-Demand channels. I can’t watch them in the evenings – that’s when I spend time with family. So I catch up while I’m eating lunch or I’m preparing dinner. My favorites are The Good Wife, The Voice (because my GF’s daughter on it – Go Sara!), Project Runway and Blue Bloods (still a Tom Selleck fan! LOL!).

Be sure and check out Margie’s blog, Scraps of (My) Life.

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