Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Learn How to Make Lovely Outdoor Layouts of Women

Good morning crafters Penny here today to show you how to make lovely outdoor layouts of women. I started by taking some outdoor photos of my daughter. I like this fountain background so we took several shots of her here.

Nest it was off to pick out some paper, and other supplies. Some of those supplies came from Robin's Nest Scrapbook Supplies and they are as follows:





Well if you are going to use Dew Drops you really need to stop by ScraPerfect's Website and pick up the ever versatile: 

This product is FANTASTIC for picking up those tiny bits, and beads that can be so hard to glue in just the right place. 

and to glue them in place you really need:
This glue works on plastic, metal, wood, paper, fabric, etc.  Just about all of your gluing needs are right here in this little bottle. This glue last's and last's as well.

So to start off with I glued my photo down on my photo mat.

Added my title stickers which also came from  Robin's Nest Scrapbooking Supplies. They are really lovely, and the glitter is amazing.

Then some rosettes, washi tape, more dew drops, a flower, and a butterfly, a bow, and some stickers.. All done. 

I hope you had fun today following along, and until next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How to Make a Beautiful, Yet simple Pre-made Scrapbook Layout.

Good morning crafter's today I am here to show you another beautiful, yet simple pre-made scrapbook layout. Here is my finished layout, keep reading for step by step directions on how it was made.

So here are some of the supplies I started with:
1 sheet of pattern paper, 1 doily, 1 pre printed journaling block, washi tape, cardstock stickers, 2 strips of matching cardstock, and vellum card holder with the inside sheet.

I started by gluing the two strips of cardstock together with ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever.  If you ever give this product a chance you will NEVER go back to other adhesives again. I just love it. It has so many different uses besides just crafts.  Be sure and check out our ScraPerfect Pinterest Board for even more project ideas.  We'd love to have you as a follower as well while you are there! 

Next I added the doily, and the washi tape.

Then I added the cardstock title sticker, the journaling block, and the vellum card holder. ScraPerfect's glue worked great on all of these different types of embellishments, which saved me time, and money.

Next I added another strip of washi tape to the inner card, and a matching tab. I also added a small tab on the bottom of the journaling block.

Here is a photo of the sheet inside of the vellum envelope.

To finish up the layout I added a DIY flower, some flower stickers, and I used a hole punch to add a ribbon tie to the vellum card cover. Then I added a sticker to the outside of the card cover.

I hope you had fun following along today, and until next time "Happy Scrapping". Love Penny 

Better Layouts and Sweet Results with Best Glue Ever

Hello and welcome to the blog today!  Shelly here, sharing a "Sweet" layout about "Honeydukes Sweet Shoppe" (my fellow Harry Potter fans will know EXACTLY what that is!) Just got back from a visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

I created a glittered, dimensional embellishment from candy packaging - I love including memorabilia on my layouts.  With Best Glue Ever, it is incredibly easy to create your own embellishments from die-cuts or memorabilia and STORE them for future use. 
Some of the candy packaging that I am making into embellishments for future projects.
Check out this video to see the amazing way you can transform, organize and store homemade embellishments.

One of best reasons for using the Best Glue Ever on your scrapbook layouts is the ability to adjust and correct the positions of your components before the the glue dries permanently (ever try to remove paper or photos you just stuck down with an adhesive gun?)

This layout came together quickly by using punches - the Honeydukes logo was found online and printed on cardstock.

I love that so little Best Glue Ever is needed!

I don't know how I ever got along without Embellie Gellie in my craft arsenal... it makes placing objects on your layouts and projects a breeze and keeps your fingertips clean!  It works like magic, touch your embellishment with the Embellie Gellie, gently press it to the Best Glue Ever and it magically releases!

Thanks for stopping by today - have a creative week!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

How to stamp perfectly on shiny paper with ScraPerfect

Have you ever wanted to be able to stamp on shiny paper and get a crisp, clean, smudge-proof image? Well, now you can using some amazing ScraPerfect products. You'll need the Perfect Cleaning Cloth and the Perfect Crafting Pouch.

 I used the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to wipe down the shiny gold paper before I stamped the image.  I then stamped the image and patted it with the Perfect Crafting Pouch. Then I wiped the image with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to remove the white residue left from the Perfect Crafting Pouch. Here's the result:

I also found an easy way to correct a stamping mistake. It's hard to stamp on shiny paper without the stamp sliding around as you're applying pressure. Oops!

If the image comes our crooked or smudged, you can easily wipe it off using the Best Cleaner Ever and start over. No more wasting that pretty shiny paper!

Hope you find this tip helpful and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

How to Make a Breathtaking Journal with Foiled Paper

Do you need to know how to make a breathtaking journal with foiled paper? Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos with a gift idea for the friend who has everything. Journaling encourages self expression and is exceedingly therapeutic. There is no better place to write down one's thoughts after a chaotic day than in a beautiful book.
 ~ Octopus Journal ~
Adding a personal touch to a blank notebook steps up the appeal without decreasing the efficiency. But how do you get the most lovely of papers to lay smoothly on a run-of-the-mill diary? Well there's a simple solution for that!
That's right, the barest amount of ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever sticks those papers down with not a wrinkle in sight. To demonstrate this ability of BGE I used two colors of wrapping paper and an embossed foiled paper.
 First I cut three pieces of the green paper for the front, back, and magnetic flap of
this lined journal. I cut them large so there would be extra paper to fold over the edges.
I also cut two strips of silver wrapping paper for the spines.
 After sparingly applying BGE to the diary I smoothed the paper over the glue. I left a 1/2 inch gap
between the edge of the foiled paper and the spine. I cut the corners of the excess paper diagonally so
the flaps would fold nicely to the inside. I applied BGE to the flaps and folded them inward.
 For the inside of the cover I cut silver and peacock patterned wrapping paper. Once again I very
sparingly applied BGE to the diary and smoothed the paper over the glue in overlapping layers.
I added the paper while the glue was very wet so that I had time for repositioning.
 I cut around the design on the peacock paper and used pinking shears on the edge of the silver paper.
I covered each spine with a strip of silver paper then trimmed it close.
 The remaining gap I covered with washi tape. The hinge part of the binding tends to wrinkle
and stress the paper so that it wears out easily. Washi tape better handles this constant bending.
 I used a dark green tape over the edge of the binding and a silver tape
 to cover the edges of the green tape and the foil paper.
 The journal was fully covered at this point and the magnetic strip still worked because
I had used thin wrapping paper. However, I still wanted a focal point for the front.
 Because the journal was gifted with a stuffed Octopus I used that as my subject. I stamped and heat
embossed an octopus onto vellum. I stamped it twice so that the design could continue onto the flap.
 I used BGE to attach the vellum then topped the edges with more silver washi tape.
Both the vellum and the thin wrapping paper went onto the cover without a wrinkle.
and the Best Glue Ever made this exceptional gift possible.
Check my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.

Scrap On!


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An interesting and beautiful way of using stamps

Colleen here with the February card challenge with an interesting and beautiful way of using stamps and embossing folders.  This technique is so quick and easy you will want to make many cards using this technique.

We have a prize of a small baggie of goodies from the Design Team plus FREE SHIPPING for one order at (Sorry, free shipping is to US mailing address only; $5 discount to international addresses.) All you have to do is complete this challenge and complete the following items listed below and your name will be entered.

  1. Become a Follower of this Blog;
  2. This must be a new layout/card
  3. Provide a link to your blog in the comments so we can see your beautiful layout/card; and
  4. Have your layout/card posted by the end of the month.

I learned the best way to create this card is to first use the Perfect Crafting Pouch over the area you want to stamp.  The Perfect Crafting Pouch helps your ink stick better to the cardstock and not smear. 

Then pick out the stamp you want to use, ink it up and stamp it on the cardstock.  Next emboss the stamped image, you can use whatever embossing folder you like. Once you have that done use The Best Glue Ever to adhere all the layers down. 

 I decided I was going to turn my card into a birthday card, so I used a die to cut out the oval shape and another die to cut out the words.  I used The Best Glue Ever and the No Clog Writing Cap to adhere them down.  If you have never used the No Clog Writing Cap I am telling you it is the best thing ever for adhering words and titles to your cards.

I hope you give this challenge a try and post in the comments so I can go check out your card.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How to Remove Valentines Lipstick with the Best Cleaner Ever

The season of love means one thing, learning how to remove lipstick with the best cleaner ever. Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos. Do you love those glorious liquid-to-matte lipsticks in the intense colors but despise their ability to stain your favorite white blouse?  
The Best Cleaner Ever is here to save the day!
 When this absolutely amazing shade of metallic purple lipstick left its mark on my white napkin,
 I knew it was time to put ScraPerfect's earth-friendly solvent to work.
The purple lipstick had already sat on this white napkin for a full
 24 hours before I got around to attacking it with the
 Best Cleaner Ever.
 I spritzed just the center stain, left it for 15 minutes, then rinsed it out.. There was so much improvement that I spritzed all three stains and left it for the rest of the day.
I rinsed out the solvent that night, gave it a quick scrub with dish soap, and threw the napkin in the wash the next morning. It came out of the dryer with out a smidgen of purple lipstick left to behold!
It is important to note that the Best Cleaner Ever removed liquid-to-matte lipstick on an unwashed napkin. I tried it on a washed and dried napkin It reduced the stain but did not remove it completely.

Scrap On!