Saturday, August 27, 2016

Perfect Crafting Pouch and Die Cutting

Hi Wendy here happy Saturday I am here with a Crafty post for you
I wanted have a play with the perfect Crafting Pouch

But I wanted to try something a little different, wondered if the crafting pouch would work to
help when I am die cutting, you know whats its like getting the fiddly bits of paper out.

I used the Perfect crafting pouch to dust the paper and the die 

You can wipe the powder of after with your Perfect cleaning cloth

This die cut perfectly needed to use poky tool on a few bits but they all came out cleanly 
and perfect I will definatly be using my perfect crafting pouch when I cut from now on.

Please check out my video below of me having a play,

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We cant wait to see what they create with the amazing ScraPerfect Products.

thanks for watching

Enamelware: Cutie-Patootie or Lost Cause?

Amy Here, sharing about a potentially adorable enamelware container I found at an estate sale. While the chips don't detract from the charm, the tan “yuck” all over the sides, bottom and on the lid was not charming, the old sticker ghost of old dried adhesive and the red “21” written in what appeared to be permanent marker was ugly.  Nothing washed off and I couldn't scratch it off with my fingernail. 

At first, I thought it was dried  tan packing tape residue which I knew could be removed with The Best Cleaner Ever™. This cleaner is safe for skin, has no fumes and is a solvent strong enough to remove the yuck, but contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals. It is amazingly magical.

I could have wasted a bunch of energy by scrubbing, but on extra tough stuff, it’s best to spray the Best Cleaner Ever on and walk away. 

After a few minutes (or longer), the gunk was dissolving. It turned out to be paint, not adhesive residue. I rubbed it and was pleased at how effectively it was working!

Checkout this 28 second video!

One handy little tissue was not nearly enough to wipe it all away, and some paint was extra stuck in the nooks and crannies of the chipped enamel areas.

A paper towel might have been okay, but Scraperfect’s Perfect Cleaning Cloth™ is incredibly effective at cleaning and will not scratch. 

(I actually use the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to remove mascara without chemicals or irritation, by dabbing a wet Perfect Cleaning Cloth onto my eyes--but let’s save that for another post!)

All that was left was to rinse it under water to remove the cleaner, and to let it dry. I’m so pleased with this “cutie-patootie” little container.  

I just haven’t decided what to put in it. Any ideas???

Friday, August 26, 2016

A Fairy Nice Tag by DT Member Kim Fuller

Good morning friends, Kim here today to share with you my next design team project for ScraPerfect!
I am very excited to share with you my "fairy nice" tag I have created using lots of ScraPerfect items. 

I started off with a large wooden tag which I painted with gesso and then used some sprays and stencils to give some texture to the background. I then used some pumpkin pie ink from Hero Arts and a script stamp from Joggles to finish off the background.

 Once the background was dry, I got out some rub-ons from Prima. These rub-ons have a adhesive on the top of them so they are a perfect fit for the ScraPerfect transfer foils! I added some of the Bronze Transfer Foil to the adhesive rub-ons all over the tag.
I also used some of the black transfer foils as well, featuring a butterfly and thistle design.
Once the transfer foils were complete, I got out some watercolour pastels and choose a coordinating colour to go around the outside of the tag to give some highlights to the edges.

Now it was time for the Best Glue Ever! I had this really pretty fairy image, that I downloaded from a free graphics site, and I needed to glue her down on the tag. The glue worked amazingly well for this. Sometimes when you glue down paper images, they tend to ripple, well not with this glue!! It went down so perfectly and not one single ripple either!

 Here is a close up of the fairy, so you can see for yourself, there is no rippling at all with the glue and the image is perfectly adhered to the tag.

Since The Best Glue Ever worked so well on the image, I decided to experiment and see what else it could do. So I used it to adhere some of the Prima Art Stones and also some of my vintage laces that I used at the bottom of the tag. The result? Perfection! The art stones and the laces held down great!

I added some flowers, metal embellishments, pearls and a butterfly to the base of the tag, to give it a shabby look. I used the Best Glue Ever for the flowers as well, and they also held down really well with the glue.

I also added a vintage applique, flowers and more vintage laces to the top of the tag. You can also see some of the art stones on the left, which add great texture.

Here are some close up photos for you to see the dimension and fun embellishments I used to create this tag.

I also went around the image of the fairy with a watercolour pencil and water brush, to make her stand out a little better on the tag.

I hope you have found some inspiration today with my project, and will give some of these techniques a try.

Please check out the ScraPerfect Store for more info on these products!
Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Brad Scraproom Storage, and ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever

Brad Scraproom Storage, and ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever

Hello crafters, Penny here with some always needed scraproom storage tips. Most of my crafting friends, know I have an addiction to brad's. Yes, I totally need some intervention where brad's are concerned.  So I had to find a good storage solution for this problem. So I chose this super cute spinning spice rack, and the matching glass jars. I love the jar lids that are colored, and I try to put that color brads in that jar, but sadly those lids are hard to find. So for the jars that didn't have colored lids, I placed a colored sticker on the top of each lid to match the color of the brads that the jar held.  That way when looking at the jars from the top down I can quickly figure out what color brads are in that particular jar. Well I have got to tell you this is by far one of my favorite storage items. However, since I am constantly handling the jars, and I am too busy crafting to dust, the tops of the jar, and the holder can get dirty quickly.  

Yes, these are what the jar's looked like prior to my cleaning them. They had previous sticker residue on them from when they were used for spices, which made EVERYTHING stick to them. Totally nasty! Thankfully I had a secret weapon for all that yuck! 

 Scraperfect's Best Cleaner Ever ! 
It is: 

No Harmful Fumes
It is also safe for hands, tools, clear, & rubber stamps, fabric, and more. It removes solvent ink from rubber stamps, adhesive build-up on scissors, permanent marker from white boards, the Best Glue Ever  from fabric, and much more, and it rinses off easily with just plain water. 

 So I forgot to take a "before" photo of the metal base, but here it is all dust free, and sparkling clean, after using the Best Cleaner Ever on it! Trust me it's a drastic improvement.

Here are those same sticker residue covered jar lids after cleaning them with the Best Cleaner Ever! Oh my, now at least it looks like you can touch them without washing your hands afterwards! There was some slight yellowing remaining on some of the jar lid's but that was due to age, not grime.

So here's my new, and improved brad storage all cleaned up and waiting on my next crafting project. Till next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny P.S Send me all your brads, just kidding, not kidding...LOL

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Grandpa's Are Great Scrapbook Layout with ScraPerfect

Grandpa's Are Great Scrapbook Layout with ScraPerfect 

Hello Crafters! Penny here with a scrapbook layout featuring "Grandpa's". As some of you may know my grand kid's adore their "Papa Buddy" aka grandpa, so we had to make a scrapbook page just for him.

These are some of the supplies that we started with. The tan cardstock is actually invitation cardstock, that we are going to use as a photo mat, and journaling card. This layout will also feature washi tape, homemade flower's (I'll be doing a tutorial on how I made those soon.) some ribbon bows that I tied, and some brown, and green cardstock that matches our pattern paper.

So to start things off we are putting our washi tape down the strip of brown, and green cardstock, and gluing that in place. Of course the glue we are using is ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever I love that it's environmentally safe, but it still work's great, and it clean's up with just soap, and water.

Then we are adding the tag, and the title strip. Some of you may recognize this title strip from an old "Hot off the Press" booklet.  I have had it for year's, and decided it was time it made it onto a page, and out of my scrapbook room.

Next we added the invitation card, and matching journaling card. The journaling card was supposed to be a RSVP card, but I buy these kit's all the time at a discounted price, and since they are almost always acid free it saves me the time of cutting them out of other cardstock. The quality is usually better than regular cardstock as well. It's a win, win for me, pre-cut, and good quality paper.

Next we added the homemade flower's, and washi tape to the photo mat, and card. Another word strip, also from "Hot Off The Press"., The ribbon, and most other items on this page were glued down with ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever as well.  I like to add ScraPerfect's Fine No Clog Tip to my glue bottle.  That way I can glue tiny places without wasting any glue, or getting the glue all over everything.

Finally a couple of bling dot's, and it's ready for some photos. I hope you like the layout today.  Till next time "Happy Scrapping"! Love Penny