Thursday, July 28, 2016

Car side view mirror just fell off...Easy Fix!

Hi All,
Amy here...with a crazy story about my 16 year old sons car. (SPOILER ALERT: It has a happy ending!)

Backing out of the driveway with me in the passenger seat, Corben braked to put the car into drive. It is a gorgeous, unusually warm spring day and our windows are wide open. CLINK-CRASH, clatter-clatter clatter, something metallic hit the ground. We both looked at each other confused and speechless. (He later said that he had first thought it was a hubcap.)

We both turned to look towards the window and noticed his side view mirror was gone--not the whole fixture, just the GLASS mirror!

He opened his door expecting to see shattered shards all over the road but instead, there was the small mirror in perfect condition!

I ran into the house to grab a bottle of the Best Glue Ever and a scrap of foam rubber I from which I cut off to use for a disposable "brush". I applied a layer of glue, thicker than typical for most crafting purposes.

It was set aside to let the glue dry until the white glue turned pretty nearly clear. At this point, it is VERY sticky, grabs well, and forms a very strong, waterproof bond.

I have complete confidence this will last "forever, as we did a similar repair about 5 years ago to my car. A small round mirror had been applied to side mirrors to aid in viewing when pulling a trailer. The original double-stick foam tape wasn't holding well enough and the mirror kept coming loose. I applied a layer of glue to the foam tape and let it "dry to clear" before pressing it back on the window. It has traveled through desert heat, mountain snows, occasional thunderstorms, and the winter drizzle that we are known for here in the Pacific Northwest... and that little mirror is still absolutely holding fast!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pearl Dots

I love to making Box Card and I love to use Pearl as a jewel embellishment.

This is one of my favorite Box Cards and I just love the little white flowers and it looks so cute with the Pearl embellishment on it.

Pearl Dots

These Pearl Dots 
I am going to make

I used ScraPerfects Best Glue Ever
and Rangers Perfect Pearls

This one is a store brought Pearl Dots

The rest are were made with a dot of ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever

Let glue dry clear 

Then rub a little Ranger's Perfect Pearls on with your finger 

I am going to try pre-making some glue dots on release paper

Thanks for looking

Friday, July 22, 2016

ScraPerfect DT Announcement Kim Fuller & Art Card Project

Hello friends! My name is Kim and I am one of the newest members of the ScraPerfect Team! I am so thrilled to be working with such a great company, and of course also with such talented designers as the ScraPerfect team!
So a little about me to introduce myself to you all, and then I will share a little project I created using the amazing items from ScraPerfect.
I have been a crafter for a long time, I love to create, share and help to inspire others. When I was a child I wanted to be an animator for Walt Disney, but alas that was not meant to be, so I have found my own way to make the world a little more colourful. 
 I also love to make cards, ATC's, altered projects. mixed media canvas', and really dabble in most things creative. I also have a great love for art journaling! I am a trained floral designer as well, and owned my own flower shop for many years. 
I am a Mom to 4 gorgeous grown up kids and 3 amazing grandchildren. I can usually be found getting my hands messy in my art studio along side my trusty companion Miss Blue the cat, and of course my wonderful husband Doug.
Ok, now on to a quick project!
I created this Art Card to send to a friend, and it was the perfect opportunity to use some of the great items from ScraPerfect!
I got out The Best Glue Ever and went over the hair and the flowers on the fairy's wings with the glue. You have to wait until the glue has dried clear, to have it work with the Foil, that was the hard part, the waiting...I am an inpatient crafter lol.
Once the glue was dry, it was time for the foil. I used the Crimson Rain on the wings, and the Turquoise Rain on her hair.
All you have to do is lightly rub the foil over the places where you put the glue, and Voila! you have a very easy and cool foil accent for your project.

Once I was finished with the foil, I wanted to add some embellishments to the card. This was the perfect opportunity to use the Embellie Gellie. This stuff is very cool and so easy to use. You just put a little bit of the gellie on the end of the stick and place it where you want your embellishment. I used some very tiny blingy crystals, and it worked perfectly for this.

Here is a look at the card with the bling and the foil technique. She will be "winging" her way to a dear friend soon.
Thanks so much for stopping by today, for more info please check out my blog HERE
 I am so thrilled to be part of the ScraPerfect team so please check out the ScraPerfect shop for lots of great crafting items.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Memories Scrapbook layout with ScraPerfect

"Memories"- Scrapbook layout with ScraPerfect

It's Tuesday so it's time for another scrapbook layout by me, Penny! The layouts I am currently making are for a gift album for someone who doesn't scrapbook. So they will be inserting their own photos. I am trying to make generic pages that would be easy for the new owner to match up their photos with, and this one is the first page in that album. 

These are some of the supplies I will be starting with. The cardstock looks black in this photo, but it is actually brown.  The sticker sheet is from a "Birthday Boy" sticker sheet I picked up at Dollar Tree.  The cream and brown photo mat is actually an invitation cardstock item. There are also some photo holders, and a couple of brads. This is by no mean's everything I will use but this is a starting point. The "Memories" title is pre-printed on the paper.

I will also be using ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever to glue down all of my products. It is very versatile, and glues quickly. The bond is fantastic, and I don't have to worry about it wrinkling my ribbon, or bows. It's a great product, and solves many of my previous gluing problems. 

For this layout I am going to show you one of my favorite frugal tips! In the above photo it appears that the photo mat behind the cream, and brown card is a whole sheet of cardstock. 

However you will notice that in this photo I not only used a piece of the tear away portion of the cardstock sheet, but I also cut the center out to use as the second piece of matching cardstock that will be used elsewhere on the page. I don't always do this, but I find that it helps out not only my budget, but it also cuts down on the bulkiness of my finished albums. So for me it's a "win, win".

In this photo you will see I use an exacto knife to pierce the paper prior to inserting a brad.  I found this makes inserting the brad so much easier, and it keeps me from tearing my paper as well.

Now I am on to adding the stickers, and photo turns. Even though these sticker's are for a "Birthday" theme, they fit easily into the subject of this page. So don't pass by sticker's just because they are for a theme you are not currently working on.  I purchased these at "Dollar Tree".

Next I added the ribbon bow which I made from a sewing seam binding. Seam binding is much cheaper than ribbon, and work's just as beautifully. The flowers were made using punches, glitter glue, and brads. I usually make a bunch at a time so they are ready for my layout"s, or other projects. I also added a little bling to each side of the bow, and to the "I" in the title. 

So here is the finished layout, I hope I have taught you something today, or at least you had fun.  PS: the smaller word stickers are from "7 Gypsies" Life sticker sheet. So till next time "Happy Scrapping". Love, Penny

Friday, July 15, 2016

ScraPerfect Design Team Announcement - Penny Arnold

ScraPerfect Design Team Announcement - Penny Arnold

ScraPerfect Design Team

Good morning crafter's Penny Arnold here waving a big hello from Tennessee, with my thrilling announcement that I have been accepted as a new Design Team member for ScraPerfect they have lot's of wonderful product's so be sure and give the store a peek, you won't be disappointed!

 (Photo disclaimer this was taken a LONG time ago, the photo, and the person has aged considerably since then, including grey hair, and wrinkles) 
                                                      My Photo
If you have visited the ScraPerfect Facebook page lately you would have seen some of my project's posted there already.  It seem's in my delight after receiving my ScraPerfect Design Team package that was filled with lot's of goodies, I started making thing's right away, and forgot to introduce myself! My bad! So I am trying to catch up on that process now. My resume can be found  here Penny's Resume if you would like to see some of my other projects. My blog is located here: Scrap-aholic blog 

I have been a crafter since I was a child, so that mean's I have been doing this kind of thing for a LONG, LONG time. I enjoy quilting, sewing, card making, drawing, painting, altered art, and scrapbooking. I have been lucky enough to have my work featured in several magazine's, online magazine's, idea books, the Home Shopping Network, and product websites. It has been a lot of work, and a lot of fun. I have made projects that turned out great, and some that will never see the light of day again because they were a total fail. In each project however I have learned something new, even if it meant what NOT to do the next time. 

I enjoy finding new, and unusual items for my projects.  This trend started out mainly because I didn't live near any craft, or scrapbook stores, so I had to find other items that would work for those projects. I also enjoy being frugal with my crafts so that I can show other's you don't have to be rich to enjoy the hobby of scrapbooking. So you will find many of these subjects in my posts, and finished projects. 

In this scrapbook page for example the netting in the back of the photo was from a bag of oranges. The "fairy" was supposed to be a Christmas ornament.  Many of the flower's were normal silk flower's that I just picked off the stems, and used brads to hold them in place. The flower on the title was taken from a little girl's barrette. The lace flower's on the bottom of the photo were cut from a little girl's hair bow. The adorable little girl fairy is my granddaughter Madison. (You will often see my grandchildren featured in my layouts, sorry I am in love with all 4 of them. Jack, Matthew, Olivia, and Madison) She is wearing a "Tinker Bell" Halloween costume. I printed the photo mat, and her name on the photo at the same time I had it made. Saving me the trouble of finding alphabet stickers, or using more cardstock for a photo mat.

Like other's I also find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest.  If you would like to follow me, or see my boards they are located here: Penny's Pin Boards . Once there you will see I am truly a Pinterest addict. Till I see you next time, "Happy Scrapping". Love Penny P.S. Please feel free to ask any questions concerning any project I post, I would be more than happy to answer them for you if I can. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

You're Special Card (Made extra special with Embossing Enamel & the Perfect Crafting Pouch)

This was an idea I had with using Embossing Enamel and was hoping it would work and it came out great!

Here were some of the other tool that I used

Of course I used the Best Glue Ever and something to apply some glue on the stamp

I generously applied the Best Glue Ever on the stamp  

Apply the stamp on the paper

Press firmly 

add the Embossing Enamel and shake the excess back into the bottle 

Use a heat gun 

I decided to put my panel on a card 
so I got my card base ready

Corner Rounding the Panel

Found a nice ink that matched

Inked the panel

Glued back of panel  with ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever so that I can put on the card base

Love the effect

I think a cute stamp would look good on it

"You're Special"
seem great for this special dress

Prepped the card with the 
Perfect Crafting Pouch
to stop static and prevent stray grains from sticking.

Looking good

Again I loved the out come

Thanks for looking