Saturday, October 22, 2016

Talavera Inspired Gourd Birdhouse

I adore the vivid colors and bold patterns of Talavera Pottery.  Inspired by the work of The Crafty Chica and her Talavera pumpkins, and with the help of my ScraPerfect go-to team of products, I have created a Talavera style birdhouse from a gourd.

So let's have some fun!

You will need:

Dried Gourd (I got mine from a neighbor, but they are readily available online)
Spray Paint - Terra Cotta
Stain - Walnut
Acrylic Paints in  all different colors
Dew Drops from The Robins Nest

Let's get crafty!

  • Using the Perfect Cleaning Cloth and Best Cleaner Ever, gently wipe down your gourd so you have a nice clean surface to start painting. 
  • Using a Dremel Tool or sturdy craft knife, cut an opening in your gourd for the birds to get in and out and also drill a hole completely through neck of gourd to use for hanging your birdhouse
  • Again, wipe down your surface with Best Cleaner Ever and Perfect Cleaning Cloth to remove any dust / debris from cutting
  • I sprayed a primer on my gourd -  this is optional
  • Spray a coat of terra cotta spray paint, let dry
  • Using and old rag, wipe walnut stain over the top of your terra cotta base
  • You now have a beautiful aged pottery look!

Now it's time to get creative....

  • Go ahead and do a Google image search for Mexican pottery - now just leave that screen up for inspiration. 
  • Using chalk, lightly sketch your design on gourd

  • Now paint your design in white paint (we will put color ON TOP of the white for extra POP!)

  • Now add color to your designs and let dry thoroughly
  • Roughly outline your designs using black puffy paint or a Sharpie
  • It's time to grab your Best Glue Ever, Embellie Gellie and a pile of Dew Drops in all sizes and colors.  Dot your Best Glue Ever all over your design and use your EmbellieGellie to apply  Dew Drops. 

Some hemp twine through the top and I am ready to welcome new bird tenants!

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Shabby Chic Halloween Spider Flower with ScraPerfect

Witches Brew Layout, and Shabby Chic Halloween Spider Flower

Good morning crafter's Penny here with two small Halloween projects for you today! First up is this pre-made Halloween layout.  I had a photo in mind when I started making this layout, but could not find it so I went ahead, and made the layout, and will put the photo on later. The photo shows my niece Angel stirring Halloween candy in an old cast iron cauldron.  Perfect for this layout, and title. 

So to start it off I used some jack-o-lantern pattern paper, then I added the washi tape strips. 

The title was a painted wooden title I picked up at Micheal's Craft. store. I wanted to add the bling gems to the title however so I headed for my Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect . 

This glue will hold using the tiniest of dots of glue.  Even those photographed here are too big for these bling dots. 

Here I have them all added, and you can clearly see I should have used less glue. With this product using less is better than with other glue products. 

I found these really cute witches cauldron's that are made of foam, but I wanted to dress them up with these bling embellishments. 

So this is what my cauldron looked liked after I glued my bling in place. The glue that is showing white right now, will dry clear, so no worries if you have some on the outside of your bling dots. It will however remain tacky, so I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch and just lightly dabbed it over any excess glue that was showing after it dried. After that the excess glue will no longer be tacky. This tacky feature however is great if you want to make your own glue dots, or you want your items to be repositionable.  

So after gluing my title, cauldron, and extra pattern paper in place this is how it was looking so far. 

Next I made this cute little tag, with some string, stickers, washi tape, and of course more bling. 

More cute pattern paper accents, the tag, and the cute little skeleton cameo, and a bow added to the title area. 

So this was my finished layout.  In this layout I used wood, foam, fabric cording, plastic, and paper, while still only using ONE glue.  I love that fact, and it saves me a ton of money since I don't have to buy a bunch of different glues for each product type. 

Now on to my version of a frugal "Shabby Chic Halloween Spider". My spider was made using some eyelet lace, and old black, and white earring, and my granddaughter's hair bow (sorry Madison, I forgot to tell you where it went) and two purple google eyes. 

First I took about 12 inches of eyelet lace, and gathered it into a circle by sewing it with some loose gathering hand stitching. Then I glued the black and white earring on as a face using ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever .


Next I attached the googly eyes with the same glue, then glued everything down on top of the black hair bow.

Again, I loved the fact that I didn't have to change glue every time I changed the materials. This glue will glue fabric, metal, paper, plastic, etc..It's great !  I love how my spider turned out.  Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I {Heart} Embellie Gellie

I love adding embellishments.  Anyone else out there have a big collection of wooden shapes? Raise your hand! I think the stars may be my all-time favorite.

While I love how these look, I don't like how hard it is to place them on projects. There's not a big area for glue; their small size makes them hard to hang on to; and you usually wind up dropping them on your project (glue size down, of course), where you don't want them.

Well, that is.. unless you have ScraPerfect's Embellie Gellie.  

It's the best way to pick up those small embellishments - hands-down!  You just take a pea-sized pinch of the Embellie Gellie from the container, roll/smoosh it into a ball and stick it on the applicator stick.  It was last you for months and months.  With little pressure it will pick up and release your embellishment, including holding it so you can add a few small drops of the Best Glue Ever.

I have taken to placing the Embellie Gellie on the end of a seldom used paintbrush.  I place it in with all my other brushes so it's easy to find and grab when I need it.

Like, for instance, adding sequins....

Back to my favorite wooden ones, though.  I've been working on a hand-bound mini album of last year's summer vacation. Once I have the main photos, tickets and other ephemera in the album, I love to add small clusters of embellishments.

Ah, yes.... love those stars...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Picturesque Layout with ScraPerfect

Hello ScraPerfect Fans! Tracy here today with a new layout.

 I decided to mat the photo with plain old white cardstock to really make the blues pop and then added several layers of scrap paper behind it.

I then used a stencil and some texture paste to add the stars around the photo and added the buttons and some Robin's Nest Dew Drops using the Embellie Gellie and the Best Glue Ever.

The title was cut on my Cricut and adhered using the Best Glue Ever. I also did some doodled stitching all along the sides of the layout.

Then, while digging through my stash looking for some embellies for this page, I found some tea bags I had saved a while ago and decided to tuck one behind the photo. They are just regular tea bags that I let dry after using them and then emptied out the tea. Sometimes I stamp on them before adding to a card or layout. Just something a little different.

ScraPerfect Products Used:

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Spooky Cute Altered Altoid Tin for ScraPerfect

Hello everyone!  Halloween is approaching and I was inspired by my friend Michelle Wells, who taught a class on altering Altoid tins, so I gave it a try with some ScraPerfect products,  Check it out!

I could not have completed this project without The Best Glue Ever!  It provided the perfect hold to attach everything to the metal Altoid tin.  I removed the lid of the tin and then covered it with two coats of black gesso.  I used The Best Glue Ever to glue the paper to the inside of the tin and glue dots to attach the ribbon around the edges.  For dimension, I added some foam tape to the back of the gold photo embellishment.  

On top of the tin, I used The Best Glue Ever again to glue the embellishments to the black rose from The Vintage Rose Emporium.  I made some larger glue dots and used them to affix the rose to the tin. For the bottom, I mounted the tin on a wooden knob that I painted orange and then covered with black lace. A dollop of The Best Glue Ever and light pressure for a few minutes to set worked like a charm to attach the finished tin to the base.  Finally, to remove any excess glue on the project and my hands, I used a small amount of The Best Cleaner Ever on the Perfect Cleaning Cloth.  The cleaner is amazing and I love that it is eco-friendly!

Thanks so much for stopping by to see my spooky cute altered Altoid tin, please leave me a comment.  You can see more of my work on my blog Vintage Rose Creations by Kim
Be sure to check out all of the fabulous ScraPerfect products at ScraPerfect!
 ScraPerfect products used on this project:

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Home Sweet Home Frame by Kim Fuller

Hello ScraPerfect fans! Kim here today to share with you my next DT project. This time I have created a "home sweet home" style of frame for a dear friend of mine.
I gathered up my supplies to create this project, and of course I used The Best Glue Ever, it works so well with paper and wood.
I painted my frame up that I purchased at Michaels, with some of this delicious Patina paint from Prima.
After the paint was dry, I cut my paper to fit the frame.  I used the Best Glue Ever here to glue it down, it works so well!!

I also used the cardboard insert that came with the frame and again, using the Best Glue Ever, glued down the matching paper.

Here is where we are at so far....
Now it is time to paint my wooden sewing machine from Fernli Designs. I used some black Soy paint from Delta for this.
Once the paint was dry, I glued the sewing machine into the centre of the frame.

I felt the sewing machine needed a little sparkle, so I put a tiny drop of the Best Glue Ever on my work surface and cut out some rhinestone bling I had and glued it onto the piece.
Here you can see in the photo below I placed it on the sewing machine, it really gave it a nice sparkle!
I glued some laces around the middle of the frame and I wanted to add some bling to it, so this was a good opportunity to get out my Embellie Gellie and use it to glue town my tiny bling pieces, it work great!
You just take the stick that comes with the Embellie Gellie and use it on each of the bling pieces. I did use a tiny dab of the Best Glue ever as well, as the frame will be going in the mail to a friend, and I wanted to make sure it had that extra strong hold.
Now, it was time to add the rest of my embellishments. I added this lovely floral cameo with bling to the top left hand side of the frame.

 Here you can see I added flowers, ribbon, pearls, another cameo,  lace covered buttons to pick up on the sewing theme, and a metal sentiment from Prima to this corner.


Here once again is my finished frame. Total work time on this project was one hour. Its a simple and easy gift to make for the upcoming holiday season. 
Thanks so much for stopping by today, and please check out all the great products in the ScraPerfect store!