Monday, December 18, 2017

How To Remove Oil With The Best Cleaner Ever

Charity here with proof that you can remove cooking oil with the Best Cleaner Ever. I am messy in the kitchen and spilled oil on my lounge pants. It was a sad day! I had much frustration as I looked down at my favorite comfy pants. 
I have used ScraPerfect products for a year now, but I wasn't certain that they would fix my dilemma. Still, I had to try. Best Cleaner Ever is a non-toxic solvent and because I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin that really matters to me.
I sprayed down the grease stains and threw the pants in the laundry. The next day I loaded the washer and hoped for the best. Because it was a grease stain I hung them to dry, just in case the Best Cleaner Ever didn't quite do the trick.
They looked just fine, but sometimes you can't tell until a thing is completely dry. The next day they did indeed look oil free, but now they were stiff and COLD! I threw them in the dry for a heated fluffing.
What do you know! ScraPerfect products have done it again! My lounge pants are free to make me comfortable and warm. Thanks to the Best Cleaner Ever my skin didn't break out from the harsh chemicals found in most stain removers and solvents!

Scrap On!


Sunday, December 17, 2017

How to Make a Distressed Foiled Ornament for Your Christmas Decor

I found these flat wooden ornaments at my local craft store and they had a fun distressed look.  I picked up one in white.  I liked the textured surface and thought it would be fun to use ScraPerfect's foil.

To begin, I selected a stencil and foil. Then I grabbed my bottle of the Best Glue Ever, a disposable foam brush, and a scrap piece of plastic.  For foiling, you want to use a brush to apply the glue. These cheap foam brushes work well, and you don't have to worry about clean up! I use a scrap of packaging that would otherwise be thrown away to hold my glue.

And you can see all the texture in this ornament -- this is where I started.

To apply the glue, I first squeeze a good size amount onto a scrap piece of plastic packing or wax paper -- about the size of a nickel for this project.  Then I lightly dab the foam brush into the glue. You don't want a lot of glue on the brush at one time.  Next, lightly pounce the glue on the stencil while holding it in place with your other hand.  Foiling works best when you have a very thin layer of glue. 

Keep going back and forth, and move the stencil as needed to cover your entire surface.

Here's the glue drying on the ornament while I'm off cleaning my stencil with the Best Cleaner Ever....

The Best Glue Ever dries clear and tacky.  Now it's time for the foil! I place the colored side up and rub, then move the sheet to the next area.   After I've made an initial pass I use my fingers to feel for any sticky areas where I need to refoil.

Here's the ornament once I was finished foiling. I like how the ridges in the surface texture gave me a distressed look in the foil as well. 

I found a few felt and wooden embellishments to add on top for a bright pop of color.  I used the remaining glue I had already squeezed out with the foam brush to attach my pieces.  After that, I just tossed the brush for a super easy clean up!


And here's my finished ornament, ready to hand on the tree or decorate a present.  I've still got lots of wrapping to do, so for now I'll just hang this on the tree.


Saturday, December 16, 2017

How To Use The Best Glue Ever With A Cut File

Hey there!
Lisa here today to share a beautiful fall layout.
Do you use cut files? Do you back them with patterned paper? Have you struggled finding the perfect adhesive to do this?
I love backing cut files with patterned paper! I found that The Best Glue Ever with the No Clog Writing Cap on it is perfect for doing this!
For my layout, I decided to cut my title on my Cameo and then backed it with a few different patterned papers. Here's a close up:

Here's a short tutorial on how I do this:

I took my well used bottle of The Best Glue Ever (it's well used because a little bit of this glue goes a long way, therefore a bottle lasts a long time!) with the No Clog Writing Cap attached and go around the word/words I am backing on the back side of my layout:

Once I have finished, I take the patterned paper that was already trimmed, turn it backside up and place over the word I am covering being careful not to place it over part of another word: 

Here it is adhered:

I did the same for all the other words.
Here is my finished layout:

and of course, a few close ups:

Thanks for stopping and sharing your day with us!

Friday, December 15, 2017

How to Create a Simple & Sweet Vintage-Inspired Christmas Card

Hello and welcome to the blog today - Shelly with you sharing an easy-to-make Christmas card with lots of vintage charm using my favorite card making tools from ScraPerfect!

What I used:

Best Glue Ever
Embellie Gellie
Perfect Crafting Pouch
Kraft Cardstock for base (12" x 3-1/2" folded in half to 6")
Textured Cardstock (5-1/2" x 3")
Cardstock Mat for Image (3-1/2" x 2-1/2")
Vintage Image from Pinterest (printed as a wallet size photo)
Trim or Ribbon - 3"
1" Glitter Alpha (mine are cut from Cricut Type Candy)

What I did:

I chose to go with a pink color scheme to play up the 60's reindeer image....

As the final touch, I "blotted" my card with the Perfect Crafting Pouch to remove any excess stickiness from the Best Glue Ever that may have oozed through my sequins or under the edges of any of my embellishments and then gently brushed off excess powder with an old make up brush.

And you're done!  The sweetest little vintage reindeer card!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today - have a creative weekend!


Christmas Coffee Card How -To Using the Best Glue Ever

Kathy here from Create.365 with today's design team post. I started out this project cutting a top folding horizontal A2 card base from red cardstock and then trimming red and green cardstocks along with the holiday sentiment and wood grained patterned papers to fill my card front.

I then colored my Verve coffee to-go cup digi stamps using Spectrum Noir markers and accenting them with clear Wink of Stella pen before fussy cutting them out.

 I then assembled the entire card with the help of ScraPefect's  Best Glue Ever and the No Clog Writing Cap.

I had die cut the sentiment for the inside of the card and free hand cut the one for the front. I then sponged around all the edges using Real Red ink from Stampin' Up! Foam Tape worked perfectly to pop up the wavy Happy Holidays.

Simple and sweet on the inside...

Wrapping the front focal panel with the gold threaded twine set off the wood grained cardstock and emphasizes the horizontal lines of the card, drawing the eye in to the cups.

Don't forget that adding the No Clog Writing Cap to the Best Glue Ever makes it perfect for using on both flat paper projects and anything 3D that you can imagine...and that is why I really do love and recommend this glue! Until next time, happy crafting with ScraPerfect~

Thursday, December 14, 2017

How To make a Window that is Stunning and Beautiful

Charity here with a beautiful window made from stunning foiled paper. I used ScraPerfect products to hold it all together and clean up my little messes. I love how simple and quick this project can be. Follow the steps below for your own shimmering decor! 
~ Foiled Koi Window ~
 Step One: Print or draw a pattern for a stained glass window.
Choose a graceful image that can be broken into parts with simple lines. I chose a Koi fish. Pinterest and Google abound with free patterns for Stained Glass windows. I found it just as easy to draw my fish and sea weed on whiteboard paper. By using a dry-erase marker I could easily erase and re-draw till I got my lines just so.
 Step Two: Trace and Cut pattern from foiled paper.
I cut my window pieces from Rinea Foiled Paper. I added details to the fish and the fin with Rinea Ghost Ink For the scattering of scales I used a quarter foil stencil.
 Step Three:Cut window paper and adhere to backing.
I placed inch wide super sticky tape on the edges of my base.  Getting the foiled paper onto the cardboard base without mistakes took steady hands and a good game plan. I cut my silver paper to 12"x15" size. With a 1/2 inch of playroom on each side I had a good chance of getting the cardboard covered even if it was a tad crooked. I rolled the foiled paper then laid it on the cardboard as straight as I could. I started at the top, rolling toward myself,  and pressing the paper into the adhesive as I went.  I folded the excess to the back of the cardboard.
 Step Four: Glue designs to window base.
I used Best Glue Ever and a No-Clog Writing Cap to be certain my glue went where I wanted it to and that my pieces stayed put! These ScraPerfect products always make my project a success.
Step Five: Mix 1 part black acrylic paint to 3 parts all purpose glue for window leading.
Elmer's Glue-All works best for this mixture and comes in a squeeze bottle. I did not leave enough room in my squeeze bottle to shake the mixture and had to use a bamboo skewer to mix it. This made the process more difficult then it had to be. Just an FYI.
Step Six: Outline all joints and paper edges with leading mixture, leave to dry.
 The glue mixture is grey when wet. Remember to use a glue that dries clear. When it does you will have lovely, thick, black lines. 
To clean up the smears and glue overage I used Best Cleaner Ever. This eco-friendly solvent removed the dull patches on my foiled paper without damaging the paper or affecting the color.
Stop by my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.

Scrap On!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

An Easy Way To Add Confetti to Your Layout

Lisa here today to share an easy way to add confetti to your layout. I don't know about you, but I used to struggle doing this with my fingers or even a tweezer. Now I use  Embellie Gellie from ScraPerfect.

 I pick the confetti piece up with the Embellie Gellie:

I add a small drop of The Best Glue Ever to my background paper and then place the confetti on top. The confetti piece sticks to the glue and my paper.

Here is my completed layout:

A few close ups:

I used The Best Glue Ever to adhere the flowers and the thin star.

The Best Glue Ever also is great to adhere cut files. Using the No-Clog Writing Cap makes it a breeze to get into all those small spaces.

Thanks for taking time and spending it with us!
Enjoy the rest of your day!