Friday, December 9, 2016

Frosty Noel by Kim F.

Hello ScraPerfect fans, Kim F., here today with my next DT project.  This time I have created a fun and frosty Noel project using some wooden blocks I picked up at the Dollar store.
I started off painted my blocks white with some white chalk paint.
Step two is to paint the letters so they stand out, I used some blue chalk paint for this.
I wanted to add some sparkle to my letters, so I used some plastic snowflakes, yes also from the Dollar store. I removed the silver thread hanger from them as I was going to attach them to the backs of the blocks.

Now its time for the Best Glue Ever!

I use a long handled paint brush and take the cap off the glue, and paint a light coat of glue all over the snowflakes.

I let the glue dry and bit and get tacky, then I sprinkled some Martha Stewart glitter all over the snowflake. I choose a lovely light blue sparkle to pick up on the colour of the letters on the blocks.
Once the glitter was set, I glued the snowflake to the backs of the blocks.
Now it was time to do some embossing. I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch to help me with this!
The Perfect Crafting Pouch is ANTI-STATIC BAG for glitter & embossing powders.
I used it around the blue letter, to keep the embossing powder off of the white part of the block, it worked great!
I added a few flowers to the tops of the blocks as well.
I added some blue seam binding and a bit of bling for more sparkle.

I love how this project came out, and to think it was under $3.00 to make! Simple and easy Christmas d├ęcor!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and please check out the ScraPerfect store for the products I used and lots more amazing items!


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Best Glue Ever and Glitter -- A Crafter's Dream!

Hello and Welcome!  Shelly with you on the blog today bringing you a great technique with glitter.

This month both my sister and niece are graduating from nursing school (I couldn't be more proud!)  I decided to make custom nurse themed gift bags to hold their graduation gifts.

I used a free nurse cap coloring page from a Google search as my pattern and cut out a white nurse cap & red cross from scrap cardstock.

I wanted to edge the nurse's cap in a nice chunky glitter.  This is how I created a perfect glittered edge: 
  • Prep your cardstock cut out by patting with the PerfectCrafting Pouch.  This will get rid of any static and glitter will ONLY stick to your glue (no random sprinklings of glitter!)
  • Using the Best Glue Ever and the No Clog Writing Tip (this is a must have - and my new craft crush - to apply glue with precision - it comes in different sizes and even fits different brands of glue), squeeze a line of glue along the edge of your cut out
  • Pour glitter over your cut out and shake off excess
  • Unlike typical glitter glues, Best Glue Ever dries QUICKLY!
 For the cross on the nurses cap:

  •  Squeeze Best Glue Ever on to a dish, add just a bit of water and mix
  • Apply watered down glue to cross with foam brush
  • Pour red glitter over cross, shake off excess
 Attach cross to cap using foam tape and attach your finished piece to bag.

You will be amazed at how quickly the Best Glue Ever dries, allowing you to create last minute custom gift wrap!

Check out this terrific detailed video on the blog giving a side by side demo with Stickles:

Thanks for stopping by today !


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pre-Made Wedding layout - Anniversary with ScraPerfect

Pre-Made Wedding layout - Anniversary with ScraPerfect

I recently made 3 pre-made wedding albums for some family, and friends. The do not scrapbook, so I make the pages, and leave the photo mats empty so all they have to do is glue down their photos. 

I started this layout with these supplies, adding a few other embellishments as I went along. 

So to begin with I glued down the title to a piece of gold cardstock, then added the bling squares as accents. 

Using the same gold paper, I made two photo mats that fit 4 x 6 photos. In the center of those mats I added a darker gold punched out heart. 

Next I added the bling trim along the top, and bottom of the photo mats, and glued in place the tiny plastic wedding rings on the title section. To soften up the layout I added some DIY Flowers to each photo mat, 


It was at this time that I was thrilled to have on hand The Best Glue Ever ! It will glue a large variety of products from metal, paper, plastic, fabric, etc., and you only need the smallest amount of glue to achieve a great hold. 

I also used this No Clog Writing Cap to make perfect placement of the glue super easy, even for the tiny gold bands in the center of the title  strip.

I used two different Martha Stewart punches for the butterfly, heart, and the word "love" added to the bottom of the photo mats. 

In the center of each butterfly I added just a dot of bling that I cut from the gold bling trim. 

To finish is off I added the white bow in the center. I hope you loved this tutorial, and until next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 

Outsmarting Murphy's Law with the Best Glue Ever

You know Murphy's Law, right?

Anything that could possibly go wrong, will.  The likelihood of this happening increases when you're trying to actually accomplish something. And this week it hit me in spades.

Take for example, my determined effort to catch up and complete my December Daily minibooks for 2014 and 2015 as well as try and start one for this year.  I have lots of Christmas themed supplies,  like many of you. I also belong to a few kit clubs that include paper, cards, stickers, embellishments and more.  This year I added a couple December kits specifically for these projects.

I like to try and use a lot of what's inside my kits, including stickers.  Including these rubbery-plastic alphas and phrases.  Cute, huh?

However, right after I put them on one of my 3x4 cards, I noticed the letters started bending up and off the card.

How annoying - especially for a brand new set of stickers.  I could cut them a bit of slack it they were say, five years old!  But while it's a #firstworldproblem, it's easily solved by a little bit of the Best Glue Ever.  I peeled the alphas off and added a few small drops of the Best Glue Ever to the back then reapplied them to my card.

And then this happened....

Isn't it frustrating to punch a chipboard piece out only to find it's now split in half?  So much for adhesive embellishments.....   Again, with a small amount of the Best Glue Ever I was back in business - and confident that my chipboard piece would not budge from where I placed it.

Not so much for these gold stickers - which are also new!  I used two on the exterior of my album. They've been there for maybe three days tops.  Both of them fell off.  Both.  With a big sigh I picked up the "5" and reached for the Best Glue Ever.

Ever looked down and found stickers attached to your sleeve? Yup. That was me.  I'm still looking for the "1."

I wanted to show you just how little of the Best Glue Ever you need.  Here, six tiny drops is all I need to hold the sticker. 

I've been scrapbooking for over ten years. When I flip through my albums I always find old stickers, chipboard and embellishments that are floating around in the page protector because the adhesive gave out.  I'm not going to mention names, but there's one really popular brand of alphas (they do chipboard, felt, plastic and more) that more often than not detaches from my pages.

I never have that problem with the Best Glue Ever.  In fact, I'll go through my albums once a year with a bottle of the Best Glue Ever looking for things that have come unattached.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Treat Bags with ScraPerfect

Tracy here today with a couple of Christmas treat bags. I do a lot of baking around the holidays and am always looking for creative ways to wrap them up for little gifts.

 I used two different bags here. The left one is a small plastic bag with a twist tie closure at the top. The right one is a small paper bag that I added red paper to the front and the black belt was cut on my Cricut. 

I used some plain old wooden clothespins, took them apart and colored them with a red sharpie. I figured that would be a lot easier not to mention quicker than trying to paint them.

Once I put them back together I was ready to start on the hats.

These are all the supplies I needed to make the Santa Hats.

I decided to use glitter cardstock and we all know how difficult it is to get anything to stick to it. I used the Best Glue Ever and it worked like a charm! I probably used more than I needed but I wanted to be sure it really held up since most of these treat bags will be going to kids. So, I glued the white strips to the bottom of the red triangles and then glued some smaller pom poms to one of the white strips and a bigger pom pom to the top of the triangle using the Best Glue Ever. I didn't add pom poms to both of the triangles but I suppose you could if you wanted to. Then I glued the front of the hat to one side of the clothespin and the back (the plain one) to the other side of the clothespin.

Here you can see how it opens so you can insert the top of the treat bag.

So, there you have it! Quick, easy and pretty cute if I do say so myself!

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, December 2, 2016

Shabby Chic Christmas Sleigh

Hello Crafters, Kim Lippincott here today to show you a shabby chic sleigh that I created.  If you love pink and white, this project is for you!  Check out how it turned out with the help of some amazing ScraPerfect products:

The sleigh was glittery gold, so I started by painting it light pink.  Then I used my Best Glue Ever to apply the laces and pink pearl trim.  After spraying the large doily shabby pink, I also glued it down with the Best Glue Ever.  I love what a great hold this glue has and how little you have to use!  I then filled my sleigh with loose cream pearls and added some resin roses...yummy!

I again used my glue to add pink grosgrain ribbon to cover a jar that is holding cream bottlebrush trees, helping them to stand tall in the sleigh.  I got out my trusty and easy to use Embellie Gellie to set the rhinestones and snowflake embellishment.  This is one of my products because one package will last any crafter a lifetime!  A white shabby bird was added next and then some ribbon roses, all adhered with the Best Glue Ever.  I also decorated a wreath that is backed by a bow to hang from the back of the sleigh.

I hope you all enjoyed my sleigh, I can't wait to display it under my pink and white Christmas tree!
Please leave a comment and be sure to check out the wonderful family of products from ScraPerfect.  To see more of my work, please visit my blog, Vintage Rose Creations By Kim.  Until next time, be inspired!

Kim Lippincott

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Colleen here with our 3rd month of challenges.  I hope you are having fun and getting some pages done.  This month is pretty easy, please make your own border, no machines or stickers (notice I didn't say you couldn't use dies) and also I want to see your own handwriting on the page.

We have a  prize of a small baggie of goodies from the Design Team plus FREE SHIPPING for one order at (Sorry. Free shipping is to US mailing address only; $5 discount to international addresses.)  All you have to do is complete this challenge, and following the other view items listed below and your name will be entered.

 Of course there are a few items we would like you to do for us besides show us your beautiful layout;
1. Become a Follower of this Blog; 
2. This must be a new layout;
3. Provide a link to your blog in the comments so we can see your beautiful layout; and
4. Have your layout posted by the end of the month.

Here is my layout as an example.

No tutorial this month as it is pretty self explanatory.  I used my spellbinder dies and some punches to punch out the circles.  I hand drew the stitching lines around each one and inked the edges.  The Title and 2 signs were cut out using my Cameo machine.  I used the Best Glue Ever to adhere everything down.  Since the little signs needed some color behind it, I used the Embellie Jellie to adhere all the centers to the letters like the "A's, O's, D and B. 

If you have not tried the Embellie Jellie you really need to purchase it, it saves so much time and frustration when working with little things.

Thank you for looking and can't wait to see what you create.