Saturday, November 17, 2018

How to Make a Gorgeous Serving Tray with Dew Drops and ScraPerfect

Becky Conley's tray has been featured on the Simon Says Stamp blog , but we've got the details!

She decorated an tray using a multitude of the MANY colorful choices of Dew Drops by The Robin's Nest and the performance of The Best Glue Ever! with assistance from a mighty tool: Embellie Gellie,

Here's the finished tray -

And here's where she started --

Becky painted a wooden tray with white paint, then covered the tray with a layer of the Best Glue Ever. Once the glue was dry and completely clear she used Embellie Gellie to help her place the Dew Drops.  To make it easier she started by gluing her design first, then worked on the background.

You can see her work in progress --

Here is a link where the Embellie Gellie can be purchased. 

The center of the flower is beginning to take shape. 

A close up of the center shows how truly beautiful it is with the sealer on it. 

The tray is almost completed, and it's gorgeous. 

When the tray was totally covered with Dew Drops, she squeezed 3d Crystal Lacquer all over, concentrating on filling in between the Dew Drops. After the lacquer was dry, Becky applied epoxy over the top of the design about 1/4" the top of the Dew Drops to ensure the surface was level.

For a complete list of the supplies she used, including which Dew Drops for each part of the flower check out Becky's blog!

Friday, November 16, 2018

How the Best Glue Ever Helps Make a Fall Greeting Card

Janet from Try it - Like it - Create it uses The Best Glue while making a card for Fall.

This fall card is a size A2 which when folded is 4.25"wide x 5.5"tall with the fold at the top. I wanted to make a card that had a slight see-through window. Notice the white showing through the leaves. Here is the process I used. 

I started with the leaves cut from a die and the cardstock cut for the card.

I used The Best Glue Ever to piece everything together.

Don't forget the details!

If you would like more information and detailed measurements, you can find them on Try it - Like it - Create it. I really hope you will visit and see what I have been up too lately.

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

How to Create Clean and Simple Cards Using a "Recipe"

Hello and welcome to the blog!  Today I am sharing my latest cards and sharing the "recipe" that I use as the basis for all of my card making!

I found this terrific, colorful paper in my stash and it really needed very little embellishment with the bold graphic pattern - but I did choose my sentiment wisely!

Best Glue Ever is the only glue you need for card making - paper and embellishments go on easily - no wrinkled paper and it "grabs" quickly - clear drying under those opaque embellishments!

Here is my card base "recipe":

  • Card base - Cardstock cut to 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 folded in half 
  • Mat - Cardstock cut to 4 x 5-1/4
  • Embellishment Base - Cardstock or patterned paper cut to 3-3/4 x 5

All my cards start with this recipe and it is so easy to build on it!

For this card, I machine stitched around the patterned paper - but hand drawn faux stitches would work just as well!

As I layer and attach each layer, I press and smooth using the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to keep the oils and misc. craft mess from my hands from getting on my project!

Before stamping my sentiments, I always like to tap my cardstock with the Perfect Crafting Pouch to insure a crisp image.

A few Dew Drops (I am using the Dew Drop Mix in Primary) added for a bit of dimension and sparkle - so easy to apply tiny embellishments when you are using Best Glue Ever with the No-Clog Writing Cap!

And that's all there is to it!  I hope you find my card base recipe helps you in your card making!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Best Brush Cleaner Ever!

Good morning everyone, Kim here today with my next DT post for ScraPerfect~
I wanted to share an amazing tip with you today featuring The Best Cleaner Ever! 

If you are like me, and well, make a mess while Art-ing, then you are going to love this tip. I use lots of paint brushes for lots of different things and sometimes, well, ok, most of the time, I forget to clean them. The Best Cleaner Ever has become my new best friend!

I take my messy brushes and add a few squirts of The Best Cleaner Ever to them,wait a few moments, rinse, and Voila! My brushes are magically cleaned back to their original state.   For stubborn brushes, I squirt some of the cleaner on and leave it over night, and then rinse in the morning.

The bristles are soft and ready for my next project!

The Best Cleaner Ever has become my new best friend in my craft room!

Thanks for stopping by today and don't forget to check out the ScraPerfect Store for all the great products they sell!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How To Adhere Thin Diecuts

Hey there!
Lisa back today to share a card with you.
What do you use to adhere thin diecuts to your projects?
I found the perfect combo- The Best Glue Ever and the No Clog Writing Cap!
Here's my card:

See how intricate this diecut is?

See how fine the applicator tip is on the No Clog Writing Cap? It's perfect for adding glue to this diecut!

I like to pop up my embellies with craft foam and The Best Glue Ever is perfect for this. It dries(and holds) super fast!

I love how this card turned out and I love my ScraPerfect products!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Only The BEST Cleaner For My Craft Mat

Hello there!
Welcome to the ScraPerfect blog!

Michelle here today to share a quick, effective & SAFE 
way to clean your silicone type craft mats, without
messing up the surface.

Let's face it, replacing these mat's can be expensive.
So why not preserve the life of your mat's using only the BEST Cleaner Ever
to remove paint, ink, gesso..... whatever medium that seems to want to stick around, doesn't stand a chance using ScraPerfect's Best cleaner Ever.

With a recent card project I completed, I used some metallic gold misting spray, got a little lazy and didn't used my box that I usually use when using sprays.
Oh boy, did I have mess!

So, I reached for my bottle of Best Cleaner Ever.

With a few spritz of the cleaner, a little blending 
with my fingers (IT IS SKIN SAFE!) over the misted surface, and just a few brief moments of letting it sit, my surface wiped clean with a dry paper towel!!!

No harsh fumes, no abrasives to mess up the surface of my mat, and skin safe!
What is not to love about this cleaner?!?!?!
And a spotless mat!

Do I seem overly excited? Most likely, because I have NEVER used a cleaner like this before in ALL my adult years of living!

I have used it outside of my crafting space as well. 
I have used it to remove stubborn stains from certain clothing. 
I have used it to remove hair color stain from my skin, and even to remove sticky cooking messes from bakeware & cookware and 
my glass stove top surface 
(next time I will be sure to get before and after photos from the kitchen).

If you do not already own a bottle or two or three, I strongly suggest you invest in some today! You won't regret it! 

If you are looking for some crafty inspiration today, be sure to visit the ScraPerfect archives to the right, and find an array of projects created by the talented ScraPerfect Design Team. You will also find how they have used the Best Cleaner Ever. and the other innovative projects by ScraPerfect.

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Until next time......
Happy Crafting & Fall Blessings!

Michelle Renee Wells

Sunday, November 11, 2018

How to Make a Beautiful Fall, or Summer Beaded Card

Good morning Einat Kessler today I'm here to show you how to make a beautiful Summer, or Fall beaded card.

I used the Perfect Printing Pouch on my cardstock to make sure the stamping would turn out nice and crisp. I stamped two sizes of sunflower on an orange cardstock. Then I stamped the leaves on a green cardstock. Then, I cut the stamped shapes.

I added colored beads to the center of the sunflower using the Best Glue Ever since it dries completely transparent and I didn't want any adhesive to show.

I adhered the flowers to the card and added a punched paper border on the bottom of the card. I used the Best Glue Ever to trace the scalloped edges of the border and added glitter.

For a finished touch I added beads to the border by using the Embellie Gellie to pick them up easily!