Saturday, November 18, 2017

How To Remove Dye With The Best Cleaner Ever

Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos, if you want to know how to remove hair dye then just pull out the Best Cleaner Ever. I love using brightly semi-permanent colors on my hair. The down or purple ear tips. The instructions are clear about adding a layer of petroleum jelly to the hair line and ear tips. Somehow I still get dye on bits and pieces of me. 
Most recently I smeared it on my arms while I was reaching for the nape of my neck. Don't judge my photos too harshly, I always dye my hair just before sleeping, the lighting was dreadful!
One of the design team members had used ScraPerfect's solvent to remove stains left from permanent color. I though, why not try it with semi-permanent. I spritzed Best Cleaner Ever on my arms and let sit 10 minutes. I washed with dish soap and
💥 POOF 💥 
my purple stains disappeared.
As in COMPLETELY gone!!!!
I have never been so ecstatic, or so clean after a dying episode! (😏)
I have tried MANY cleaners to remove those stains in the past. Coconut Oil works the best but still takes several applications.
When I use the Best Cleaner Ever I know I am not absorbing dangerous chemicals with my skin. This product is:
and it has 
No Harmful Fumes.
I'd say that's a WIN WIN situation!
Stop by the ScraPerfect online store and have some on hand for your next hair dyeing experience.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

How To Fix The Rubber On The Bottom of Your Shoe

Hey there!
Lisa here today to share a quick and easy way to reattach the rubber on the bottom of your shoe.
One of my favorite pair of tennis shoes for work, had a loose piece of rubber on the bottom of it. so I grabbed my bottle of the Best Glue Ever:

I took the Best Glue Ever and squeezed a bit under it.

Then I put a heavy can of paint on it and let it dry over night.
This was the result:

This glue has replaced quite a few different bottles of other glues in my home.
Try it, you will love it!

How to Easily Remove Cooking Grease Residue

 Hello fellow crafter's, and homemaker's Penny here today, where I am going to show you how to remove cooking grease residue from a canning food mill.

So the above photo is what my canning mill (it grinds fruit and vegetables during the canning process to get rid of seeds, and skin) looks like now. Check out the before photo below. YIKES! 

First of all let me explain that I don't have a cooking vent over my stove, so my kitchen builds up this type of grease very quickly. That being said this pot had sat on top of my refrigerator for over 3 years, without me ever touching, or seeing it. (short girl story) It was however really NASTY, and I needed to use it to make some jelly. So I had to get it clean, and I mean food grade clean.. 

So I sprayed it with this magnificent little non toxic cleaner! It is made by ScraPerfect, and it's worthy of it's name as the Best Cleaner Ever! This little gem in a bottle cleans just about everything, including hair dye from your skin, ink from your stamps, tape, and sticker residue, etc.. and in my case built up grease and dust. All the while being safe for your hands and the environment.

So again the before photo, nasty!

After letting the spray set for about 10 minutes, I started using the Perfect Cleaning Cloth. This little cloth is a must have for electronics, removing make-up, etc.  I would suggest buying one for your glasses, and one for your crafts. They are amazing! I couldn't use the cloth on the bottom of the food mill however because it has a very rough texture there to help crush the fruit, and it would tear up my cleaning cloth..

So here is my food mill sparkling clean, or at least as sparkling clean as you can get a 30 year old food mill! LOL

Now for my finished product some great tasting blueberry jelly! This jelly will be going out to my family to be eaten right away, as gifts in a jar. So I didn't put the jelly in traditional canning jars. It will last just fine in these jars for over 2 weeks! If you plan on making jelly that will be around for a longer period of time please use a true canning jars, with lid, and water bath method. Well that's all for today! Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Super Cool Easy: Get More from your Stamps (video)

Hi All-
Amy here with a couple dynamo TIPS... SAVE you TIME and MONEY!

I had a stamp that was almost perfect for for my project but wasn't. I wasn't about to buy a new, special stamp especially since this just needed an apple instead of an acorn. It was so close to being exactly what I wanted... if I could only change it a little...

 👀 Check out the video below.
This technique lets you adapt any stamp you wish were a little different. The possibilities are endless!
     • Substitute (or delete) words or images
     • Use different inks, colors, etc

Here's the finished tag which just make the fork and napkin bundle so cute:)

(Be sure not to miss several other helpful and handy tips/techniques in the video...
which also save you Time and Money!)

I'd love to see what you adapt! 
PLEASE upload a before and after in the comment.

How I Used The Best Glue Ever and Scraps to Make a Holiday Card

Today's design team creation for ScraPerfect was made using the Best Glue Ever and lots of scraps that were floating around on my craft stamping desk, lol.

The first step was transforming this piece of glossy gold scrap - leftover from punching out banners for another project from my October Paper Pumpkin kit- turning it into a layer by gluing it to the back of green patterned trimmed to fit on top with a small border, so that it just looks like a solid piece of gold underneath once it's done.

Using the No Clog Writing Cap kept the glue dots tiny enough that they didn't ooze out and make a mess when I adhered the 2 pieces together.

Using Versamark ink and a "Season's Greetings" sentiment from this Stampin' Up Paper Pumpkin stamp set, I repeat stamped right down the center of the green and gold piece. I trimmed the larger green patterned paper piece into a panel for the front of the A2 top folded vertical kraft card and glued it on. 

The finishing touch was adding the wood grain deer diecut (that I got from the free pile at my last planner meet-up) to the card front using mini foam dots to pop it up.

Inside I simply stamped another of the sentiments in pine green ink.

Well, that's it for me today! Until next time, happy crafting with ScraPerfect~

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How To Make an Amazing Card with Brilliant Detail

Charity here with a tutorial for a brilliant card with amazing details. This card is just right for the mermaid in your life that needs a little pick-me up. The hand-drawn detail and touch of glitter go perfectly with the flow of watercolors.
~ Mermaizing ~   
Step 1: Cut a piece of watercolor paper to 4x6".  Draw a mermaid tail. 
My first try, as you can see, was quite wobbly. No worries. With an eraser that all changed.
 Step 2: Paint scales on tail with watercolors. 
A stencil helps separate colors, but dots can be painted for a similar effect.
 Step 3: Use Best Glue Ever to trace the lines between the scales. Dust card with glitter.
Step 4: Add sentiment to the card front.
I hand lettered mine with water colors. If you aren't so sure of your handwriting use stamps or Tiny Type.
Step 5: Punch corners with decorative punch.
Step 6: Attach Card Front to 6.5"x 4.5" card base.
I used thin strips of Best Glue Ever. As you can see, no warping of the cardstock!
This hand made card is as much a work of art as it is a paper craft. Don't stress about getting the colors or lines exact. Just enjoy the process.
Stop by my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

How to Make a Fast & Easy Shaker For A Card

Hey there ScraPerfect fans!
Lisa here today to share a fast and easy way to create a shaker card.
Here is my card:

I have lots of chipboard frames in my stash, so I took one of them and some clear packaging:

I added the Best Glue Ever to the top of my frame:

and then placed the clear packaging on top, making sure it was smooth:

I cut off the excess packaging and cut a piece of patterned paper to cover the back of the frame:

Then I placed sequins on top of the packaging on the backside:

I added some of The Best Glue Ever:

and placed the cardstock over it. Make sure that the side of the cardstock you want to see in the shaker is towards the sequins:

Create your card base and add the shaker. Then decorate it with a few embellishments.

Here's my finished card again:

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!