Saturday, October 3, 2015

Excellent Rubber Stamp Cleaner, too!

Hi All!

Amy Here... with a quick little video on cleaning stamps. Some people use baby wipes but check out the difference in ease and result!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Help! My child's door is covered with sticker residue!!!!

Hi All-
Amy here to say it's very quiet in my home with my daughter gone off to college. Sad as I am, it did allow me to clean her room for the first time in many, many years!  When I finally uncovered her closet door, I discovered lots of sticky spots where formerly there had been double sided tape and decorative stickers. It wasn't coming off easy, so....WATCH THIS!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crazy Head Pencil

Hello All

 It's Glen here with a fun project that will be an easy and cheap craft for kids parties or for rainy days when the kids are bored, if that even happens in this day of electronic stimulation. I like these pencils and have about four so far, they are only a $1.99 at stores like T J Max.

 I thought it would be fun to dress him up a bit for Halloween, so I took some of Tim Holtz's fabric and then after cutting it in strips I used the Best Glue Ever to place each one just so and let it dry. Then I added an earring and some transfers for a great look!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Back To School

Hello All
 It's Glen here with a short sweet post about the great products offered by ScraPerfect. Well, it's the unofficial end of summer, and while I'll be glad to stop sweating in the 80 plus temps we have had for two months. I am not looking forward to snow at all, there has been little time lately for crafting but I managed to make a nice project using one of Tim Holtz's "Fragments Frame Kit".

 I used a back to school paper pad and using the Best Glue Ever adhered the paper to a quarter inch of the outside edge and cut it to the reveal on the inside. When dry I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch take away those pesky sticky edges and began using my choices for the embellishments.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Embellie Gelli Strikes Again!

Evenin All
 It's Glen here with another fantastic post about the wonderful products offered by ScraPerfect! This time it's a collaborative effort with my brother Chris and myself. He is working on a Bachelors degree in Game Art and Design online with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and needed my help for an assignment.

 So, you can see from this picture that we have cut out the figures and will place them on the background. But the results will be better than expected. He needed a way to hold things in place so he could scan them, and Embellie Gelli would be just right!

 This had the desired to bring the picture to life. What my brother needed to do was have a way to keep everything in place but not permanently glue it down. This was so he could simulate animation of the figures moving through the game.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ryan's ex-girlfriend and a Sharpie marker....Gotta see these pics!

Hi All,  Amy here with a new video that I hope will both amuse and inform you!

I think you'll agree that Ryan has got to be better off without his ex-girlfriend (and with his bottle of Best Cleaner Ever™ from ScraPerfect.)

IF he's got any left, he might bring it out to the garage to remove stuff like dried paint, adhesive residues, or tree pitch from his hands, but there's a lot to use it on inside the house, too.

So do you think Ryan is better off now???

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Plain To Decorative

Hello Friends

 It's Glen here with a new project using the great products from ScraPerfect! I looked at the plain plastic drawers of my old craft storage carts and decided I could make them look much better. But first I had to empty them and clean them up. I get my kit and pull out the Best Cleaner Ever to wipe them down and dry them before I decide on a piece of designer paper to use.

 I use the Best Glue Ever to adhere the paper in the center first, then when it dries a little it's easier to glue the sides. I think it's incredible how little glue you need to get it down. Then I go on to the upper edge and put a piece along the the top.