Saturday, June 25, 2016

How to Clean your Jewelry with the Best Cleaner Ever

Best Cleaner Ever

Hi folks Wendy here today I have a video for you showing how versatile  
Scraperfects amazing Best Cleaner Ever 
I decided to give it a try cleaning my rings and boy they were dirty lol

  It worked amazing check out my video on me giving 

them a clean also using the perfect cleaning cloth tp shine them up.

Check out my video on my Youtube Channel
and the fab results I got

So there you go folks another fab way to use the amazing
Best Cleaner Ever

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Best Glue Ever IS the BEST GLUE EVER!!

For those of you who know me...I use VERY few adhesives in my crafting projects...The reason is because I'm too lazy to reach for anything beyond my small work space, so having too many adhesive choices, just makes me crazy...

So I HAVE to be discerning and make the RIGHT choice about which adhesives to use...

If you've been in class with me, you've heard the question... "Jessie, what adhesive did you use on this delicate die-cut" answer is always "The Best Glue Ever"...which promptly gets the reply "Which one is that?"...which of course I respond with "The Best Glue Ever", (at this point with a mischievous glint in my eye)...I will then hold up my bottle and say with great pleasure..."You've GOT to be the Best Glue Ever, if that's the name you put on the label!"
Okay, so why do I love this adhesive so much...

If you haven't guessed by now, I LOVE to chat!  And often while gesticulating with my hands! And most likely when I'm supposed to be gluing something down....

The Best Glue Ever doesn't just gets stickier!  Which is PERFECT for me!  I can chat, apply some glue... chat some more... apply some glue...go answer the phone (you know it happens!)... and then attach my die-cut to my card without worrying that it won't stick!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
This card that I created for a class, is the PERFECT example of using my Best Glue Ever to it's full advantage...the background die is "Stick Frames" by Memory Box, attached using the Best Glue Ever...the greenery is "Freida Leaf" also by Memory Box, attached using the Best Glue Ever... and the Calla Lily (my FAVOURITE!!) is by Dee's Dystinctively...This die has the solid Calla background Die, as well as the outline, so you can create a huge assortment of effects!  On these Lilies I used Pebeo's Prisme and Moon Fantasy Paints, and when the panels dried, I attached the Lily outlines with...what else?  The Best Glue Ever!

And for this project, I used the Best Glue Ever WITHOUT the fine tip attachment...what's a "fine Tip Attachment" you ask...well, that is for ANOTHER blog post!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Special Thanks Card

This was a quick card I made while trying to learn a new technique.

A few people on the Design Team were taking about using The Best Glue Ever to make a Stencil.

Well I got a great "Unique Monique Technique" out come.

I uses Parchment Paper because that is what I had on had, but Relish Paper is the best.

Since I did not know the out come I did not make a specific pattern with The Best Glue Ever.

I let it dry clear then brushed Mod Podge across the top of the pattern.

After the Mod Podge dried I peeled off the pattern.

As I was lifting the pattern off the paper I was dusting under the pattern with 
The Perfect Crafting Pouch

The Stencil much more pliable then I though, but I was not going to let that stop me.

After placing the Stencil on the card stock base I spritzed it with Ranger's Perfect Pearls Forever Blue  mixed with water in Ranger's Mini Mister

I grab my container of Prima Flowers and spritz one to match the base of the card.

I edged the base with Tim Holtz's Distress Ink - Tumbled Glass 

I found in my stash of paper Azure Blue card stock to use as a boarder trim around the card base

I took The Best Glue Ever and assembled my flower 

Glued the flower to the card 

Then I used Scraperfect Embellie Gellies to place Gemstone in the center of the flower

I used a little pat of the Perfect Crafting Pouch

And now I was ready to us Memento - Tuxedo Black to stamp my sentiment 

Don't let anything keep you from trying something new. 

There are never mistakes in crafting just an opportunity to embellish.

I will may be playing around with these technique again 
and maybe perfect it. 

Thanks for checking out
Unique Monique Technique

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hello everyone, I am Unique Monique and I am excited to announce that I am a new Design Team Member of ScraPerfect. I am 51 and have been crafting for as long as I can remember with my crafty mother, grandmother and aunts. I became a Travel Agent to give myself the freedom to make, sell and teach crafts. I was born and raised in Philadelphia and moved to Chester County Pennsylvania over 16 years ago, February 2000. I am within 30 minutes to QVC and King of Prussia Mall and have an A. C. Moore, JoAnn’s, Michael’s, and as of June 6, 2016 a Hobby Lobby within 15 – 20 minutes from me.

My husband and I brought a house three years ago and my wonderful supportive husband let me take the basement for my Crafting Space. I am in the middle of designing and decorating my Imagination Destination Station.

I did not want to decorate my office the posters found in most Travel Agencies because after all this is my Crafting Space, so I wanted it to functional and crafty.

A map of the United States with the Cricut Cartridge 50 States.

Working on a Quilt of the World to help decorate my Imagination Destination Station.

I hope that you will look forward to and enjoy following me on my crafting journey making projects, selling products and preparing classes.

I also have two beautiful Black Cats named Nubian Prince and Prince Sheba, who are Purr-fect helpers. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

How to Bling Up A Basket

So while shopping in my local Goodwill a few day's ago I came across this cute basket. I loved it overall, but the flower center's were looking kind of plain. They had a white swirl design in the center of the flower, but it was barely visible unless you were very close to it.
So I started searching though my craft room, (aka moving stuff so I could walk, yeah's it's that full), and I found these. 
Now anyone who has ever tried to glue these bling dot's down know's how hard it is to glue them on paper, much less the metal on my basket. So to the rescue come's the " Best Glue Ever". Perfect for this project since it bond's really well. If you have never heard of this glue you can find it here: Best Glue Ever I highly recommend it for all of your gluing needs. 

 So after putting small amounts of glue on the basket, I attached the bling. Beautiful, and a wonderful bond.  
Perfect, and ready for any little girl's room, or hey even mine! The center of the flower's is much more visible, and who doesn't need more bling in their life? So now that the basket is done what do I want to put inside of it? 
Well since I am giving it to my great niece Geneva, and she love's hair bow's. let's see what else we can make. I already had these on hand, so let's start with them.
I added small amount's of the "Best Glue Ever" to both the headband, and the cotton bow. 
Waited till they became tacky, and joined them together. 
A perfect addition to my blinged up basket! I'll probably make more of these headband's, but you'll have to wait till next time to see some more cute headband's.  Till then Happy Scrapping. Love Penny

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

First Album Part II

Evenin All

 It's Glen here with a new page in my album completed that I wanted to share with you tonight.Unfortunately, the demands of work and health issues have curtailed my creative endeavors for the past few months but now as things level off I can spend some time on my art.

 I use a combination of the new Graphic 45 paper Cityscapes as well as the chipboard to build page 3 of my album.I use the Best Glue Ever to adhere the background to cardstock, then add contrasting paper over it to make the background.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hi my name is Wendy Keenan

Hi Every one I would like to introduce myself I am a new member of the Scraperfect DT 
Wendy Keenan 
I am a mum of 5 boys, yes Five boys now you know why my hair is so white lol,
I have been crafting since a teenager but in the last 10yrs since the Boys have got older a lot more,
My style has changed a lot in the last 10yrs I used to do all card making but now do so much more
I love trash to treasure, mix media, Shabby Chic, Vintage, I will give pretty much anything a go although I am not very good at Steam Punk but like I said will give anything a go.
I have work in Craft Shops Teaching Card layouts and products and how to use them.
I have been on various DTs over the yrs and enjoy the interaction on my blog and Youtube Channel, although I will admit I have let my blogging slide since starting my Channel. It has been on my wish list this yr to start blogging again as I have missed it. Joining Scraperfect was a great excuse to do that and also include my YouTube channel.
My greatest claim to fame if you like was to get published in Two well known craft magazines in the Uk I was very proud seeing my creations in print.
so I will close for now and I hope to get to know all you Bloggers, crafty Youtubers and Customers
who love Scraperfect products as much as I will enjoy creating projects for the DT.  I will leave my links to my Media that I will be adding Scraperfect Projects on please follow me to receive these updates and any give aways or blog hops the Dt do.

Here is my Youtube Video speaking about Scraperfect Products
I cant wait to see how my videos develop using these fab products